Leather pouches

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    Leather pouches

    Some of these are a little dirty, but they will clean up nice and work great for a Jawa, custom Mando or anything else needing leather pouches. They are functional double pouches.

    The interior dimensions of each side are 3 1/2" x 2 1/2" x 1 1/2" They will fit on up to a 2.5" belt, or hang from the metal ring in the middle on the back.

    $5 each plus shipping.

    USA Shipping examples
    2 will fit in a flat rate envelope for $5.95. Up to 7 in a Medium FRB for $12.95.
    2 will fit in a Priority Rate International envelope for $23.95
    7 In a medium flat rate box for 59.95
    Sorry, but due to problems in the past shipping internationally I will only ship Priority. I can't afford to eat any losses on these.

    First come first served on colors, and I'll match them the best I can unless you specifically ask for a mix of different shades. I prefer Paypal and you can gift it if you'd like, but I won't ask you to. Just make sure to include your address if you do.

    I've got 40 of them left.

    I'll update this thread with status and tracking info as they are sold.

    1. 501st 4 dark Paid Shipped 9405509699937742113395
    2. 501st
    3. 501st 6 dark Paid Shipped 9405509699939971655745
    4. 501st 4 dark Paid Shipped 9405509699939971636201
    5. 501st 2 md/dark Paid Shipped 9405509699939971642547

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    Re: Leather pouches

    This makes me want to make a little Jawa display. I'll be in touch soon.

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    Re: Leather pouches

    Plenty more of these. Got some nice reddish colored ones in and plenty of "pre-weathered" ones.

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    Re: Leather pouches


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    Re: Leather pouches

    Got another shipment in. Bump.

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