Jetpack parts, Shin Tool, etc...

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    Jetpack parts, Shin Tool, etc...

    Gathering the last few parts I need for an ESB build. I've found sources for all these, but figured it wouldn't hurt to post up here first to see if anyone had an extra or needed some cash for something they don't need.

    Jetpack Beacon, preferably aluminum. Lighted would be nice, but that's something I can easily do myself.

    Jetpack harness/hooks.

    Jetpack adjustment tool. Ordered from CombatBaby

    Anti-security blade.

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    Re: Jetpack parts, Shin Tool, etc...

    I sell the adjustment tool made in aluminum for $30 shipped USA. Pm me.

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    Re: Jetpack parts, Shin Tool, etc...

    I just got my Jet pack tool today from Combat and it is more awesome then I could have expected. If you need one, you will be happy.

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    Re: Jetpack parts, Shin Tool, etc...

    Got one on the way from him.

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