Jango Gauntlet *Molds*

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    Jango Gauntlet *Molds*

    Hey folks,

    It's that time of year. Spring cleaning. And, little known to most I'm in the actually in the process of relocating home and shop for the last time and it forced me to go through everything lol I've come across several pieces that are doing no one any good being stored.

    Jango Gauntlet Molds -

    These were my final Jango Gauntlet models that were intended to start being produced around the time that my wife fell ill in 2007. And as some may remember, that was a life altering event that lasted several years. I never found the time or energy afterward to continue what I'd intended with these. Only three sets were ever made. These are the very same gauntlets that our own 'Seeker' uses on his suit, as well as our own Foxbatkiller.

    More images can be found here :


    Because Boba virtually dominates my time, I've decided to pass the torch on these as I've done with several key pieces in the last few years. I'll just never find the time to produce them, and I'd really like to see them breathe some new life back into the Jango community. They're doing no one any service being hidden amongst my many other treasures lol

    These are the only Jango Gauntlets that have lineage to the originals with traces to the original Fox Australia molds used in pre-production/production. The sculpts / masters were carefully restored castings (uppers only). As well as the whip cord housing and left gauntlet missile. The bottom shells, flame thrower housing, and right gauntlet rear hose attachment pieces were fabricated by yours truly.

    Included in the sale :

    Right upper shell mold
    Left upper shell mold
    Right lower shell mold
    Left lower shell mold

    These molds are premium platinum silicone, open face with permanent fiberglass jackets that are 'married' to the silicone. Very sturdy and production worthy. Only 3 sets were ever pulled, and only fiberglass was used so the mold life is still indefinite as long as you continue to use Fiberglass. If you decide to use urethane plastics, it will shorten the life of the molds 'drastically' as with any type of silicone rubber.

    Also included (silicone open face) :

    Whip cord housing mold (x2)
    Flame Thrower housing mold (x2)
    Front nozzle and stems
    Whip cord pipe fitting mold o
    Front Flamethrower housing mold
    Right rear gauntlet hose attachment mold.
    Left gauntlet missile mold

    Lastly, the master 'models' or 'masters' as some would refer to them, are also included for the entire right and Left gauntlet shell assemblies, whip cord housing and right gauntlet rear hose attachment. There are no masters included for the smaller greeblie pieces like the nozzles (they're lost somewhere between Indiana and Oregon). But with the masters that are included, you'll be able to remake molds of 98% of the pieces indefinitely should you need to.

    There's a lot of bang for the buck here folks. It's a comprehensive package deal with more molds and masters combined that are included than any other piece I've passed on the torches for to date. So consider this / keep this in mind before messaging me with low ball offers. I'm being more than fair in pricing these to live on - in someone else's capable hands. The return for the buyer will be ten fold.

    Asking $1500 shipped in the U.S. or best offer (will let it ride for the weekend).

    Pics to serious inquiries only please. Between my move and keeping production going at the same time, my time is even shorter than normal. I apologize.

    For faster reply, please email to :


    All the best,

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    Jango Gauntlet *Molds*

    The molds are now *SOLD*

    Congrats and thanks goes to Vince (Bigkidbiggertoys). I'm super pleased to see that these pieces will finally be shared with the community the way I originally intended. And they're in VERY, capable hands

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    Re: Jango Gauntlet *Molds*

    **** I missed this!

    I have a pair of these, they are lovely.

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    Re: Jango Gauntlet *Molds*

    always wanted a pair of these from you Chris, glad to see they are still around and sorry you had to part with them..........viiince, I got a question for you

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