Jango Fett Full Armour Sets in Cold Cast

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    Jango Fett Full Armour Sets in Cold Cast

    HI Everyone

    Im just testing the waters abit here to see if there is any interest in this but here goes, I am now able to do full sets of Jango Fett Armour in Cold Cast trimmed and ready to be polished up, they are made of 2 coats of cold cast resin and then a gelcoat and finally the fiberglass coat, so they will be strong, please note that they will sometimes have slight blemishes in the armour from time to time but I try not too, below is a run down of the set and the cost.

    1 Chest set - 4 Pieces
    1 Neck
    1 Shoulders - Pieces
    1 Cod
    1 Back Plate
    1 Leg Set - Includes Shin, Thigh and Foot Pieces.

    Total for a Set is 260 Plus Shipping Costs.

    I am doing this as a Limited Offer so get them while you can, Turn Around Time is around 2 - 3 Weeks at most on a set, but could be quicker.

    Thanks for looking


    One or two of the Images are of the finished Armour, others are what it looks like after trimming, ready for Polishing up.
    Attached Thumbnails Attached Thumbnails img_0606-jpg   chest-neck-3-jpg   img_0342-jpg  

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    Re: Jango Fett Full Armour Sets in Cold Cast

    PP sent.
    Looking forward to this buddy

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