INTEREST:: Bo Katan Helmet

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    INTEREST:: Bo Katan Helmet

    Hello all,
    Currently deciding whether or not to do a full run of these however I'd like to gauge interest here before committing 100%. I started to build this as a one - off for my wife but have had some interest in a run so, at the recommendation of a good friend, I'm posting up here.

    The buckets will be rotocast in shore D 65, semi-rigid urethane casting resin. Greeblies will likely be the same material. Rangefinder stalk will be either aluminum or steel (TBD). Visor could be included as well.. also TBD based on some sample visors that just arrived yesterday.

    Here are some current photos showing the overall styling:

    Major work left to be done is as follows:
    -Rangefinder and parts
    -Back Vent
    -Brow depth drop and ridge above ear
    -Overall smoothing / final finishing

    Thanks for looking.

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    Re: INTEREST:: Bo Katan Helmet

    Apologies Administrative staff. I just re-read the posting guidelines and saw that "Interest" threads should not be posted in the Cargo Hold. I saw a few here already and concluded that was acceptable use. Can this be moved to the Clone Wars thread as per the guidelines by an admin or should I delete and repost appropriately?


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