Int: ROTS Commander Cody

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    Int: ROTS Commander Cody

    This is just an interest thread at the moment.

    Full Cody - ready to troop out of the (large) box!! No expense was spared in this bad boy.
    I'm 6'2" medium build.

    Here is a breakdown of what is potentially on offer:

    - EVO3 lid
    - Bozotheclone armour: chest, back, forearms, biceps, ab, thighs, calves, hand guards
    - OSCS/KW Designs armour: cod (tall), butt (tall), knees [plus inserts], elbows [plus inserts]
    - Steelbitz - belt, boxes & shoulder straps
    - Todd (CTN), jet pack, arm band, chest badge, shoulder bells
    - Other greeblies which came form sellers I can't remember at CTN: shoulder antenna, x2 lid anetnnas, arm tool
    - Darman neckseal (15.5 ")
    - balaclava
    - body suit - can't remeber the name!! It is a motor bike ribbed base layer (L) two piece that cost about 100
    - gloves - under armour tactical
    - shoes - bespoke made by Crow62 over on CTN size 9.5
    - weapon - DC-15 shorty (Woodchuck)

    All painted with rustoleum and a clear final laquered pspray over the top - the missus who is a genuis graphic designer did all the weathering as per Cody ref pics (including the chest blast which is actually 'carved out) & also has the shoulder bell signature.

    I'll likely be putting it on the bay for 2500 plus shipping (due to their fees) but am happy to take offers from interested parties.

    Here's some pics - any questions please ask.

    Thanks, Grant

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    Re: Int: ROTS Commander Cody

    Deal struck for future date - feel free to remove

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