Imperial Rank Insignia made to order

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    Imperial Rank Insignia made to order

    I am running low on supplies and high on free time. These take more time than materials, so I'm gonna offer them for sale. Made to the specifications on the 501st website: tiles are 3/4" x 1/2" x 1/8", spaced 1/4" apart (1/8" on top/bottom) and the metal backing is 1" aluminum. The tiles aren't perfect (I do sand and clear coat them before attaching), but I asked some senior 501st members at a troop who said they look great. The tints match the official 501st badges almost exactly.

    Let me know which color tiles you want, and what order. If you do a little reading here (Rank insignia of the Galactic Empire - Wookieepedia, the Star Wars Wiki) you'll see that the system used is poorly defined at best.

    These are $15 shipped for a single row, add $3 for a second row.


    As you can see, I've cast quite a few tiles here, but when dealing with small quantities of resin, the color tints are hard to measure. The colors don't match exactly. So, I'm going to cast each one as it's ordered to make sure they match. I don't expect a huge demand, but just in case, I wanna be upfront that the clear resin I've got here takes some time to cure. I'll be sure to post if orders start coming in faster than I can complete them. This is my first "FS" thread and I don't want to upset anyone. I've sold individual items here, but never a run like this.

    Edit: I see evolution props is now selling these on eBay, but it doesn't look like their measurements are right. Either way, I lowered the price. That's about what they cost me to make and mail.
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