Help Looking for stormtrooper costume

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    Help Looking for stormtrooper costume

    Whare can I find one , for around 600, 501st quality

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    Re: Help Looking for stormtrooper costume is the go-to source for Stormtroopers. Just about everything you could possibly need to learn and find, you can find there.

    I can't promise you're going to find an accurate, quality full outfit for that price, but that would be the place to look. If not, the guys there could definitely point you in the right direction.

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    Re: Help Looking for stormtrooper costume

    ATA, one of the FISD-vetted armorers, makes white kits w/helmet for under that price. It would be in kit form, so you would need to build and finish it yourself. It does not come with soft parts (undersuit, gloves, neck seal, etc.), but it is "501st quality." Of course, how you build it and finish it has a lot to do with whether it actually gets approved.

    If you are looking for an approvable suit that is already built and meets the 501st standard, you won't be able to get a new one for that price - unless you find someone who is willing to sell their existing armor.

    Head over to and read this post:
    The various types of armor and where to find them - Getting Started - Read this First! - First Imperial Stormtrooper Detachment

    Finally, AVOID eBay armor. Occasionally you can get a great second-hand deal (gratz if you do), but new armor on eBay is almost always re-cast and of poor quality. You can get better armor for less money from the armorers listed at the thread above.

    Good luck!

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    Re: Help Looking for stormtrooper costume

    I have a TK helmet FS in the cargo hold right now...theres also an AP kit FS in there right now too. Maybe not in your budget though...You might spend more then $600 though like 231 smart with your $$ as to not waste it.

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