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    2 Weeks Ago - Jan 12, 2015, 8:21 AM - Handsewn Leathervests - Custom Mando #1

    I got 2 Vests laying around i've sewn a while ago

    The funny thing is -> both were supposed for my Mereel Project BUT I was not certain about the colors

    First: The thick Green
    It is a 3mm thick but soft Leather. Instead of a Sealing i sew'd in rubberstraps. It is still very tight.
    If you are between 175-185cm the Lenght will work. It fits best with a chestsize below 110 and a Waistsize below 100.
    Actually you can be bigger if you fit in. I've sewn everything by hand with a 1mm thick Leatherthread (olive btw) So its practical impossible for anything to rip.
    The jerseycloth in the Back was a product of "not enough Leather to make a straight backpiece"

    170 + Shipping

    Second: The thin brown *Prototype*

    So i had the Idea a year ago for this one. I used a thin 0,7mm very soft Deerleather and wanted to make a Vest without visible threads and also very comfortable.
    I've sewn some stripes to turn&stich and sewn in some net cloth lining - The padding is 6mm 3D-mesh. Giving it a more sturdy look without having to sweat like a normal foampadding ^^

    The seal under the armpits are metal of course. The Nylonstraps of the backpiece is adjustable so it would fit any waistsize betweet 80 and 120cm (maybe more) Note: I strapped it to tight on the picture btw ^^
    for the lenght - from Neck to bottom its 45cm. I'm 183cm and it ends at my bellybutton. if you are between 165-180 you can tuck it under your girth belt -> if you are higher than 185cm you should go with the boba look

    It was one of the first vest's ive started but it layed around for more than a year do the lack of motivation until i finished it someday just to have it of my shelf.
    I also did had to learn some things and sewed other vests for customers example ( )

    Normaly i would charge like 400 for that work

    But i'm not certain of my work and want it away so

    300 + Shipping

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