I'm asked at least x3 times a month from US members here and on TDH about sending these over, which is great in theory but the thing costs too much to get it over there
So since I did mention in the original thread I wanted to give something back is there a US builder who might like to see about buying a casting with the intention to offer in the US?

id love to get something to mould myself or possibly a high grade troopable costume like a ROTJ fett so valuing at around what I'd charge for x3 castings 1500 (Value not set in stone id prefer trade) and will obviously include any and all member names of US interest iv received so far

Please note this is US ONLY iv had plenty of interested parties wishing to buy the moulds from me in the UK and no I do not wish to sell the moulds and will continue to sell to the UK and parts of Europe, I simply find offering partial/front panel/full pieces to the US to be too time consuming and expensive so wish to offer this opportunity to other builders

Also I will respect if you are sending me moulds or costumes yourself, but if you are sending me something rediculously light or small (cant thing what) I may ask for help with shipping

hope this might be the right project for a builder here