Glow In The Dark Boba Fett Designer Toy

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    Glow In The Dark Boba Fett Designer Toy

    Hi guys! This is a toy sculpted by me and produced by DuboseArt. The head, arms, jetpack, and cape are movable pieces. I went with the rocket firing boba toy jetpack style and tried to keep the details as accurate as possible I even went as far as doing a mini lathe to make the gauntlet rocket piece. The first run is limited to 5 figures only with the glow in the dark color way and there is only 2 left. It comes in two choices: plain and blackwashed. They are cast with industrial grade glow in the dark powder. $30

    I hope everyone likes them, I would rather true Fett fans of TDH own my art than anyone else. If you like them and want to support my new career you can order them from the store at: Boba Catt - GID - Limited to 5 - Thanks for looking!
    Oh and if you have instagram you can see future progress and releases from us at
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    Re: Glow In The Dark Boba Fett Designer Toy

    [FONT=lucida grande]Theres a sale today where everything is 33% off which means you can get a Boba Catt for $20.10 if my math is correct and also, the first 3 purchases also include a free t-shirt!

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