Full TX Shadow scout

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    Full TX Shadow scout

    [FONT=Lucida Grande]Hello all, since I have aqcuired my dream suit (Jango Fett) I no longer need my shadow scout, so I am looking to sell it.

    What I have for sale is my TX Shadow scout (a black biker scout). My asking price is 1100 shipped anywhere in the US, but I am always willing to talk if someone is interested. I am not sure who the maker of the armor is but it is black ABS plastic, not white spray painted black. The whole costume is a snap system with webbing and elastic bands with exception to the boots and cumberbund which are both velcro. All that will be included is as follows.

    Soft Parts
    1 set of motorcycle gauntlet leather gloves
    1 black flightsuit (L or XL, I cannot remember off hand)
    1 black cumberbund

    Hard Parts

    1 Helmet with pull up faceplate (It is a modified don post that I have added padding too and replaced the visor)
    1 chest and back piece
    2 shoulder bells, bi-cep and elbow pads
    2 knee pads
    1 belt with ammo boxes
    1 thermal detonator for the back of the belt

    Other Parts
    1 pair of modified boots with boot holster on the right ankle
    1 resin blaster pistol

    For sizing reference, I am about 5'8 with a stocky build and weigh 180lbs. I have a 43 in chest and 34 in waist and there is definitely room for me in the suit. If anyone needs individual shots of certain items let me know.

    I am also including in the sale an exclusive shadow scout figure from San Diego Comic con, and imperial officer's hat I have never used before because it was a tad to small for my noggin.
    I will include some pictures, but the hyperfirm MG-34 is NOT included in the sale.

    One last thing, I would prefer to sell the whole suit as a unit, but if people are interested in individual parts and I get enough interest to part it out I will go that route as well.

    If anyone has an interest, please feel free to pm me!


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    Re: Full TX Shadow scout

    Bump for interest and price drop to 1000 shipped anywhere.
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