Full Jango Fett Costume

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    Full Jango Fett Costume

    I'm offering up my full 501st approved Jango Fett Costume for sale. I'm moving to Orlando, they have two Jango's and I could use the extra cash. Selling as complete set, it will be worth it to me only if I sell the entire lot as a whole.

    A little about me and the size. I'm 6'1", at my heaviest I was 243, and that girth belt was mighty tight, I had to really suck it in, but it went on the last loop. I'm now 218 and have no issues. (Still dropping the pounds). My shoe size is 10.5-11 (usually wear the 10.5).

    Here is a breakdown of the items, with the sources as close as I remember them. (I also have a build post under Jango, but I've upgraded and replaced some items.)

    Helmet Kurtyboy

    Flight Suit Me (Found a blue jumpsuit, made shoulder pockets for the tubes, not full double sleeves)

    Leather Vest Bobamaker (very high quality)

    Gloves Custom (Leather gloves dyed blue)

    Gauntlets Cruzer (Amazing)

    Chest / Shoulder Armor ?(I've gone through two sets, can't remember where I got the second set from, it's really good.. I think someone was parting out a suit)

    Back Armor Fiberglass (Ebay)

    Cod (someone here on the dented helmet, this is budget cod, still good, very comfortable as cod pieces go.)

    Leg / Boot Armor Ebay (Budget, but not bad, nice and light)

    Holsters Me (Made from real leather: Here's the set up, the tube that connects underneath the belt is actually attached to the cod piece (so it doesn't pull on the girth belt and doesn't shift around.. this thing isn't coming off without some use of tools) I had the leg belts on the holster with the prongs, I had to switch to actual belts with decent buckles so they would not come undone. In the back the leather straps are attached to the girth via chicago screws.

    Ammo Belt Ebay (budget but not bad, could still use some weathering)

    Girth belt Tlobe

    Boots Ebay - buffalina boots - size 10.5 = these are from the "other" company that used the same soles as the kenneth coles, very accurate, painted.

    Arena Pack Ebay - with new resin exhaust ports. You can access the inside via a magnetic door on the pack. painted and weathered by me.

    Westar Pistols Resin / Plastic = two sets, one resin, one set of the repainted "toy" westars. The resin size is more accurate, the toy ones I use more because kids like to pose with the guns.

    Knee Armor Cruzer = Cruzer is a master, love the knee armor.

    Jet Pack Harness Man of War

    Underarmor Balaclava internet

    Knee rockets Darkside = nice metal knee rockets.

    I've also reinforced all the snaps for the armor, sewn some velcro spots on the jumpsuit to help minimize armor shifting. Set snaps in the leather vest to mount the chest armor. My total suit up time with a spotter is around 5 minutes. I'm also including a custom painted Jango trunk on wheels, it's painted silver and Jango blue. In addition, I'll add in all the snaps, snap tools and almost a full roll of velcro I have for it. (Not that you need it, but I carry it around just in case)

    Shipping is going to be determined, based on where I'm shipping it to, and buyer will be responsible for any shipping charges.

    I'm asking $2900

    (In one of the pics, you see a black pouch on the belt, that was at a con, put it on so I could carry my Wallet, keys, phone etc...)


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    Re: Full Jango Fett Costume

    If willing to part out I'd be interested in the jetpack

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    Re: Full Jango Fett Costume

    As above if parting out - would consider taking the guants

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    Re: Full Jango Fett Costume

    Dang that looks promising, if only i had the cash. Only have enough for some parts
    Unless you wouldn't mind payments lol (just wishful thinking i guess)
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