FS - Supreme Vader, SR interiors, Ventress, sabers, etc

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    FS - Supreme Vader, SR interiors, Ventress, sabers, etc

    For sale. Prices are somewhat negotiable. Paypal only accepted. Buyer pays actual shipping costs in separate transaction upon receiving image of the shipping receipt image.

    Rubies Vader, modded - $600 SOLD

    Modded Vader saber $150 - I don't know by who but its much brighter and detachable stronger blade.

    Clone Wars Ventress costume complete $300 - Handsewn by me for my wife, size small. This was accepted by The Dark Empire club and only needed more uniform and tighter wrist wraps for 501st approval. This is really a steal.

    Stormrider helmet interior $100 BOTH ON HOLD

    Fett ESB rifle base $75 - I hand built this and got approved into the 501st with it. I removed the scope and rings for when I bought a SR rifle, but I could put a new one back on if someone paid $25 more. I also took off the simulated Heiland end, but could re-add it for $20 more.

    Trooper binos, modded and painted $50. SOLD

    Honorary membership trophy meant for Tem Morrison for his no-show at C5. This is a Wickedbeard full metal shoulder bell. Words are laser etched into the bell, but the black can be scrubbed off. $25

    Mando figures. These are the loose ones from the Hasbro box set. Cool for display or modding. Miniatures Rav, the almost Kal Skirata, Mandalore, Rav, Jango, and the other assorted Mandos. $20 each (Not for the mini Rav). $100 for all and I'll throw in the mini

    NOT PICTURED - Mando Lego mini set (I have two) unopened $10 each

    Hasbro Mandalorian warrior battle Pack...the Death Watch box set unopened $40 ON HOLD

    Galactic Heroes mini figures set of Fixer and Boss unopened $30

    Mandalorian Mercs Member gold coin. KEEPING ONE ONE SOLD

    NOT PICTURED Mando Mercs backpatch - $40

    Mercs version 2 member patch, the green one - $30 SOLD, PENDING PAYMENT

    NWC Clan patch long since sold out - $25 SOLD, PENDING PAYMENT

    Hyperdyne Voice changer. Has TK, Fett and Boushh modes. I have two $100 each ONE SOLD, PENDING PAYMENT, ONE ON HOLD

    Wireless Memorex transmitter for the Aker amp or similar. I have two. $40 each

    The biggest thing of all - Bes'kad Prudii.
    Will most likely NOT part this out. Includes flightsuit (XLish), cucblack vest with better velcro sewn on, "moon boots" with 3mm plates Chicago screwed on size 11, 6mm hand formed plates with excellent weathering chest light slots precut for Fetttronics (Not included), kama, screen accurate to Fett white girth belt, IOA backplate & cod, Snowtrooper backpack, handmade sintra & leather covered holster, Woodchuck Igun (the one that holds an Iphone or similar inside - fits my Galaxy S2), knee plates with concealed elastic that matches the flightsuit, Deathwatch style thigh plates 3mm, jango style shins 3mm, not pictured but can include cream canvas Boba style drop pouches, not pictured but will include the Costumebase (from Ebay) belt and pouches since I AM NOT including the belt pictured, cape or the gauntlets - those are for the hubby's Fett.
    Also, the highlight is the M-DSB Assassin #6 and signed by Frani, Zev and Marcus. EL wire installed in the left earcap, visor is bolted in and removable and has a chin strap which is removable. Padding is Army MICH padding and I can include a fan or two if you would like.

    $2500 but is negotiable, esp if you buy the entire thing.

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    Re: FS - Supreme Vader, SR interiors, Ventress, sabers, etc

    Bump so I can have more costume space!

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    Re: FS - Supreme Vader, SR interiors, Ventress, sabers, etc

    Combined with main post
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    Re: FS - Supreme Vader, SR interiors, Ventress, sabers, etc

    i thought the merc merchandise was not allowed to be soild no more then what you paid for them ?


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    Re: FS - Supreme Vader, SR interiors, Ventress, sabers, etc

    These items were also being sold on the Mercs board and are being looked at by the Council over there.

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    Re: FS - Supreme Vader, SR interiors, Ventress, sabers, etc

    Actions have been taken by the Mercs Council about the items in question being sold on the Mercs boards. We're not governing what anyone does outside of there, though we certainly don't condone it.

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    Re: FS - Supreme Vader, SR interiors, Ventress, sabers, etc

    This is Arden Fisk, Quartermaster for the Mandalorian Mercs. Much like the 501st, Mercs items cannot be sold for more than they cost initially. As Point said, actions have been taken against this sale on the MMCC boards, but (as it should be) we have no jurisdiction outside of our own club. All I can do is warn our friends here at TDH to use your best judgement and realize there are better (and cheaper) ways to get your hands on Mercs merch.

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    Re: FS - Supreme Vader, SR interiors, Ventress, sabers, etc

    @ Circa - Since I am NOT a Mercs member, I am free to sell these things for whatever I like. Since this is America and all.

    @ Pointoforigin - The MErcs have very much governed what people are doing outside of thier boards, such as Council Members trolling my FS Thread.

    @ Arden - GTFO my FS thread. Oh and thanks for banning my wife for my For Sale thread here.

    The last couple of threads are being reported to the admins for trolling and not being relevant to the FS.

    In other news, one coin is SOLD, both Mercs patches SOLD but I do have one more of each of them, Ventress sabers SOLD, Supreme Vader SOLD, Binos on hold for today. One of the huperdynes on hold till Tuesday and possibly the Mando 4 pack on hold till today.

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    Re: FS - Supreme Vader, SR interiors, Ventress, sabers, etc

    As stated in the Cargo Hold Terms and Guidelines for TDH, a seller is free to list their items at a price of their choosing. The guidelines eastablished for items put on sale in the Merc or 501st boards have no bearing on items in the Cargo Hold. Whether the items are under review on a seperate board is irrelevant and has no bearing unless fraud is believed to be invovled. Criticizing the pricing of an item is interfering with the sale and it is up to the potential buyer to decide whether they feel the price is reasonable.

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    Re: FS - Supreme Vader, SR interiors, Ventress, sabers, etc

    All sale items combined in main posting

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