Selling off two Lucasfilm Ep1 Promotional Banners. These banners are made out of sturdy vinyl and are double sided. Both Banners are over 5 feet in length and 30inches in width. They come with the original wooden silver ends on the tops of the banners.

Banner 1: Obi wan Kenobi on Side A / Queen Amidala on Side B.
Banner 2: Darth Maul on Side A / Battle Droid on Side B.

The story of where these banner originated from: These banners were used in promoting the movie at Toys R Us. There was a third banner that was Qui Gon Gin (and Jar Jar on the other side I think), I never got that banner. These banners were never used anywhere else to my knowledge. They were hung in a store in NY before the movie came out. When they were done, they were put aside and given to me. So I'd estimate that there are probably as many on the planet as there were Toys R Us's at the time. This is not a mass produced item.

They come from a smoke free home and were very well taken care of.

I'm going to place them on Ebay for $350 each, but before I do that, I'd figure I'd offer it up to my brothers and sisters on the RL, 501st and Dented Helmet for $300 each. No charge for shipping within the USA, outside the USA I'll have to check and pass the bill.