FS: Selling my ROTJ Fett and Clone Commander Trauma

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    FS: Selling my ROTJ Fett and Clone Commander Trauma

    image-jpgimage-jpgHi all, I need to sell my much beloved Fett and Trauma as I need urgent funds to fight a custody battle with my ex for my 2 awesome sons.

    I have these same two complete costumes listed on the Redback Garrison boards and in a weeks time on ebay.

    Fett has been one of my favourite costumes and have put too many hrs and money into him to count. This Fett is one of the better ones in our Garrison and I hate to sell him but my kids come first and I will die without them.

    Trauma has been another awesome costume and as far as I know the only one 501st approved.

    I would like to get close to $4k for my complete Fett and $3k for Trauma.

    Been trying to upload pic from my ipad but it wont let me attach them?! (any ideas?) Happy to email pics until I can attach them here!

    If you know any one looking for 2 awesome costumes please let them know.

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