I will be making all styles of pouches that the MEPD needs. Right now I have SWAT GRADE Leather mp40 ammo pouches

I have 18 on hand and ready to ship. The pouches in the pic are stuffed with Styrofoam. I can put Styrofoam in them all or I could put wood blocks. I think the wood blocks look better. If you would like either then let me know. I can also leave them alone and you can put your own stuff inside. It's up to you. It does not change the price either way.
The pouches are squared. I can add pics if anyone wants them.

The prices are as follows:

Pouches are 46.00 + shipping

In the US shipping is:

1 pouch 5.00
2 pouches 7.00
3 pouches 10.00

Everywhere else:

1 pouch 9.00
2 pouches 12.00
3 pouches 15.00

These are actual shipping rates
Once I have the other versions then shipping will be calculated on weight.

My pp ID is abailey8266@yahoo.com
Please send all payments as GIFT.

Here is are some pics:

These next 2 pics are with wood blocks in the pouch