FS: 6 Styles Of M.E.P.D SWAT GRADE Ammo Pouches

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    FS: 6 Styles Of M.E.P.D SWAT GRADE Ammo Pouches

    I am currently making 6 styles of pouches for my brothers and sisters of the M.E.P.D.. Most of you know me for other props that I build. Saying that, most of you know that I care about quality and customer service above anything. I have always tried to work with everybody and provide the best products that I can.

    I am a deployed trooper and also going for SWAT so the level of detail will be the best I can bring to the table.

    I will be making these pouches:

    Small Spanish

    Medium Spanish

    Large Spanish

    Canvas shoulder pouch

    MP 40 pouch

    Road Block pouch

    All my pouches except the MP 40 will be made out of 1/8"(3mm) Leather and will be black. This is the correct style and size leather based on the real pouches. All of my pouches have been made from measurements from the real pouches except the road block which is as close to the real thing as I can come.

    I will have several of each pouch in hand and will always keep at least 5 of each at all times unless all my machines breakdown. LOL


    MP 40 = 46.00

    Sm Spanish = 25.00

    Med Spanish = 36.00

    LG Spanish = 40.00

    Canvas = 36.00

    Road Block = 40.00

    Send me a message and I will give you total cost including shipping to anywhere.

    I will always try and work with anyone to combine shipping or whatever takes so you have quality pouches.

    The canvas pouch may seem high on the price but they already come black and the tool pouch is already moved to correct spot. No work for you to do. I will even throw in pine blocks if you want them stuffed. They are the most time consuming to make.

    These pouches except the MP 40 "DO NOT NEED TO BE STUFFED". The MP 40 comes with pine blocks( very very light weight) painted black in them for free.

    I will always keep at least 5 of each pouch on hand at all times. I am trying to have no wait times.

    Here is a link to the pics of all the pouches.


    I have pouches in hand and I am ready to ship starting now. This is the best I can do for prices right now.

    When you receive your order please leave me feedback here so I know everyone is happy with their pouches. I pride myself on customer service. I want everyone happy.

    Also this week will be the boots I am going to have for sale.

    I am TD 8266 and I approve this message. LOL
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