This is a thread for foam thermal detonators. The closest comparison would be Nerf material. These were initially made for our "Thermal Detonator Toss" game, but they have become very popular with the troopers. They can be safely tossed around. Who wouldn't want a thermal detonator they could throw, right? Besides, nobody will be expecting it. These are a great toy to have.

Shipping is $5/detonator to the U.S.. $6/detonator to Canada. Overseas, PM me for shipping. Please PM me if you want more for bulk shipping options.

I have received a lot of questions about what paints I use. These are acrylic paints and you can buy them in these quantities for a fairly cheap price. I have painted almost 100 detonators with the paint bottles pictured here, so they go a loooooong way. If you order a detonator and want to "touch up" the paint here is what I am using.