25x30 Hand Telescope
$60 plus shipping

This is the telescope for the barrel of Fett's Pre-pro blaster (made from Kaiser camera parts).
It is the correct type of double-draw telescope (extends in two stages) so it has the metal ring behind the eyepiece as seen in the clean version of the blaster. From my research, I've determined the correct version is a 30x30 telescope. This one is about 3/4 of an inch too short. You could replace the green aluminum tube or possibly remove the endpiece to make up this missing length.
Double-draw telescopes like this are hard to find.


Attachment 69889

15x30 Tasco Hand Telescope
$40 plus shipping

This telescope twists to extend instead of just pulling like most others.
The plastic parts are correct, but brown instead of black.
Length is good and it looks correct for the painted and weathered version (which has no silver ring).


A comparison between the two telescopes for sale:


These would work great with Seeker's resin kit or even better with parts of his kit combined with real Kaiser parts which is what I'm doing with mine