Fett Parts For Sale

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    Fett Parts For Sale

    Hello. An introduction first, I have only been on the board for a year and though I thought I had done my homework have made some uneducated purchases. Like many I was overwhelmed with the cargo hold and made purchases that I thought would be smart when in fact they wouldn't work for me (example: buy a helmet interior kit before I realized I have a massive melon and can barely squeeze it into my helmet).
    So I am forced to sell what I have bought and can’t use in hopes to finish my kit (and help someone else finish theirs). Everything is priced what I paid…not trying to make money (but not trying to loose). Hopefully we can all walk away happy. Shipping will be actual, would like to send within North America but it is your dollar so i can ship wherever.
    Thank you.
    [FONT=Cambria]1. [/FONT]Bobamaker Armor (collar, chest, shoulders and back) $286.00 (SOLD)
    It kills me to sell this. I waited and waited to get this (through broken foot and all). This armor is beautiful and from what I have been told completely screen accurate. I am not the skinny and svelte size of Jeremy Bulloch and this just looks like it is scale on me. Has had bolts attached on the back (which I can remove for shipping or leave on if you like). Unpainted and ready for whichever version you choose.

    [FONT=Cambria]2. [/FONT]ROTJ X-Large Jumpsuit $100.00
    Again another purchase I made while I was uninformed. This is a beautiful Klopman grey jumpsuit that fits me great, except I have been cursed with highland legs (too short). 1 shin pocket was removed (can be reattached) to see if this could be shortened. Gave up and had another suit made. Beautiful material, very durable.

    [FONT=Cambria]3. [/FONT]Salamanderking Remote Rangefinder $50.00 (SOLD)
    When I contacted salamanderking he said this looked intact and was all good. I never used it because I couldn’t fit it and my head into the helmet.

    [FONT=Cambria]4. [/FONT]Marrow Sun Helmet Interior Kit $40.00 (SOLD)
    This is another thing I bought before I knew what little space I would have inside the helmet. Love the idea of these and I tried my best to paint them and not make too big of a fool of myself.

    [FONT=Cambria]5. [/FONT]Various Resin Jetpack bits $25.00
    From the MOW jetpack. Rocket collar, Thruster Greeblies, Beacon and stabilizer. Also have a strange almost accurate dental file that would help finish it off. Great for someone who is scratch building.

    6. ESB [/FONT]Resin Blaster $40.00 (SOLD)

    Rough shape. But looks fine in the holster.

    - - - Updated - - -

    also sorry the pictures don't line up with the description. i am just failing all over the place
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    Re: Fett Parts For Sale


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    Re: Fett Parts For Sale

    Are the knees for sale?

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    Re: Fett Parts For Sale

    No sir, sorry. Just what I have listed. I am in no way getting rid of my fett...just the parts I can't use.

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    Re: Fett Parts For Sale

    pm sent regarding BM armor.

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    Re: Fett Parts For Sale

    By Chance who did you get your belt with pouches from? Remember If at first you don't succeed try,try again! Don't worry in the end you will have a great outfit!!!!

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    Re: Fett Parts For Sale

    99centtaco belt with arkady pockets. Thanks for the kind words...feeling pretty defeated right now about the armor but am glad it will be going to a good home

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    Re: Fett Parts For Sale

    PM sent.

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    Re: Fett Parts For Sale

    Packages went out this morning....thanks again good sirs

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    Re: Fett Parts For Sale

    PM for helmet interior.

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    Re: Fett Parts For Sale

    interior sold. flightsuit and some resin bits left.

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