Fett Painting

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    Fett Painting

    Whats up guys,
    So im nearly done with my latest commission, so will have a free slot running from now up until christmas if any of you need any fett items painted. Tried to stay away from fett stuff but really want another go at painting a helmet. Ive done quite a few paintjobs for members here and over on the RPF, and im sure some of you have seen my tutorial thingy on painting one i did a while back, so you know im a reputable guy.

    All my work is airbrush, mixed with a little topical application for those glorious detailed sections. Heres a few shots of the work ive done in the last few months;

    Send me a PM here or contact me through my page ( goes straight to my phone and theres more examples of my work)


    if you are interested we can then sort out all the boring bits, like I said im really only able to do fett stuff at the moment. Im at university at the moment so really need something I can work on that im really familiar with, so with fett I have all my reference, colour lists and paints etc all at hand so no fussing about.

    Thanks guys


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    Re: Fett Painting

    Great work welsh, I really like that cody.

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    Re: Fett Painting

    Nice work bud..ive seen your Fett stuff and its great but i really like the Boushh and Cody!

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    Re: Fett Painting

    Sent message through fb page.

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    Re: Fett Painting

    Hope you drum up some business, Welsh. I'm constantly sending new painting guys to your video series for education. Helmets are looking good!

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    Re: Fett Painting

    Well dude,ive been hounding on FB regarding so work

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    Re: Fett Painting

    InSANE work

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