First thing to note is that all my prop 3D models are free to download from thingiverse. If you have access to a 3D printer locally you are free to download them and make as many copies as you like, all I ask for is attribution (creative commons)

About AprilStorm - Thingiverse

What I am selling here is the printing service for the props I have.

I print in ABS plastic, with a 0.4mm vertical density, that is each layer of the print is 0.4mm. these will be visible lines that will need to be sanded and parts glued where necessary. Painting the object with acetone does reduce the visible lines, but usually sanding is still necessary.

Each part can be printed in either black, grey or white ABS plastic, with the exception of RF stalks which I print in Silver ABS.

(A) Fett gauntlet missile / rocket $15.00 USD/AUD + Postage from Australia,)

Rocket comes in 4 parts

Printed Parts glued together

finished and painted

End to end length is 190mm assembled, weighs approximately 40grams, and is hollow

It comes in 4 parts which need to be glued. Standard model glue (like the warhammer stuff) or PVC plumbers glue will work on these ABS components very well

(B) RF upgrade/replacement kit $20.00 USD/AUD + Postage from Australia ( $13.50 to USA)
*** Note:: the RF top parts where designed by Tracyn Ordo from MMCC

1x Hollow RF, 1x Hollow trans clear RF Inner

1x RF Stalk printed in silver ABS

Choice of 2 part hollow with space for a wire or solid stalk. Both with Hex shape printed into base for a nut/bolt.

Image of an earlier hollow design, the newer version has a hex bolt rather than a square and is printed in silver rather than black.

(ABS stalks are printed with an internal honeycomb, they are flexible and considerably stronger than resin or fibreglass, and can be easily glued in the unlikely event that one is broken.

Shipping Costs
Postage can be combined up to 4 items without effecting shipping costs, Rocket and RF kit are similar in weight.
Australian Domestic $6.90
United States $13.50
Canada $13.75

Order Processing

I only accept Paypal for international orders
I will also accept Domestic Australian bank transfers if that is a preference.

If you want to order, send me a PM that includes your paypal address. I will generate an invoice in paypal. This will make it easier for me to assign tracking information to the paypal transaction. It will also make it easier for refunds etc should that need to take place.