ESB Vinyl Ammo Belt *Price Drop*

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    ESB Vinyl Ammo Belt *Price Drop*

    Up for sale is my scratchbuilt Empire Strikes Back ammo belt. I put a lot of love and craftsmanship into making this and it has repaid me kindly, but it was time for a real leather upgrade for me. I'm looking to pass this onto someone who will give it a good home. This is the belt that I was approved with from 501st and Mercs membership so it is trooping ready! The belt will fit a 34" waist at the minimum and 37" at the maximum. This belt will go for $125 (now $100) + shipping (most likely around $5). Paypal only please. PM me if interested.

    It's made from felt-backed vinyl wrapped around a ridged vinyl belt and pine wood blocks. The assembly was done with Shoo-Goo rubberized adhesive and has held up very well. The pouches are non-functional and the snap fronts are for accuracy only, they do not work as a closure. The back closure is industrial strength velcro. There is also soft velcro on the inside of the pouches to allow the cloth pouches to hang from. The belt was weathered using sandpaper and is in great shape for the most part. There are a few spots of wear that are detailed below.

    There is a bit of wear on this belt from trooping, the most noticeable has developed where my holster hangs from my belt. I troop with a full resin dankenman blaster and it is very heavy. If you have a lighter sidearm this shouldn't be an issue.

    There is also a blemish on one of the pouches, though the damage is minor.

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    Re: ESB Vinyl Ammo Belt

    Evening bump. Feel free to make me an offer! Worst I could say is no

    Price Dropped to $100
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    Re: ESB Vinyl Ammo Belt *Price Drop*

    Bump, Still available.

    "Put Captain Solo in the Cargo Hold"

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    Re: ESB Vinyl Ammo Belt *Price Drop*

    Sale Pending

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