ESB Armor and Gauntlets

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    ESB Armor and Gauntlets

    Hi everyone, I'm looking for the ff: pieces, preferably FP, BM, or MOW.

    1. Chest + Shoulder Armor
    2. Knee Armor
    3. Back + Collar Armor
    4. Cod + Butt Armor
    5. Gauntlets
    6. Holster + Sidearm

    I've already contacted the armorers above. Just looking if there's anyone out there looking to let go of their kit or finished pieces. PM me your offers. TIA

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    Re: ESB Armor and Gauntlets

    Bump bump bump

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    Re: ESB Armor and Gauntlets

    I'm thinking of selling my Fett, armour is Wickedbeard. Metal, fully painted. If I decide to sell it look for a thread soon in the cargohold =)

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