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DVH no longer taking commissions

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    Re: DVH no longer taking commissions

    Lol F4R, I am sure the bug will bite him eventually. And if not, at least he will have more time with his family. Thanks again Lou for hooking me up with those parts and good luck in your future endeavors.

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    Re: DVH no longer taking commissions

    Your very welcome Azrok! Was a pleasure brother.

    haha you are 100% right F4R & JC, just taking a break. Gonna do some much needed/wanted bike riding and getting out a bit more this summer

    I do have good news in that respect though..its looking like in a few months we will be moving to Long Island to the back apt of my in-laws house. What this means is i will have a yard to build a shed/shop and a basement to work in as well, so when i do start up again, i wont have the "dirtying up the house" issue again. Im pretty sure i'll just take it a bit slower next time. It wasnt really the work from here so much, i took on alot of other stuff as well which backed me up from my own deadlines..noone was pissed or anything cuz im always around and always keep in touch, i just was upset at myself for not meeting those deadlines i set for myself. Im one of those guys that thinks if i have stuff i owe a member here or on another forum, i should be working on that, not out bike riding or sitting on a beach lol. Id probably be on the beach thinkling to myself .."i really need to paint that Jetpack.." lol I know its silly and everyone needs a break now and then, but thats how i was thinking. So easy does it next time lol

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