Well, the time has come. I'm trying to buy a house and need funds for a down payment. Therefore, I am selling off (almost) every piece of Byrek. My chest, back, cod, and knees are metal. The shoulders are I believe HIPS. I scratch built the pants and altered the shirt from a dress shirt. The Vest is a "legacy vest," meaning it's only there because it must be. There are no plates attached to it. Any questions, feel free to ask!

All pieces will come to you primed and ready to go unless you specify otherwise. These prices do not include shipping, and I will ship international. For shipping, PM me. all the pieces are designed to fit me at 5'10, 150lbs, size 11 feet, medium hands.

I will be parting it out, but here is this catch: I'm not letting a single piece go until a majority of it is claimed or a couple weeks have gone by. I'd rather sell it all in one go, but I realize that's not the best option for a lot of people. I have detailed shots of every piece, so if you have any questions, if you want to negotiate, or want more pictures, PM me.



Whole shabang:

Soft Parts: NOTE: I am wearing a vest here, but it's not the vest for sale. Since this pic, I have altered the closure method on the pants to be more secure.

The hammered cod: To show depth:

WWI Officer Spats:

Helmet: Has custom metal earcaps with hoses.

[img width=650 height=485]http://i197.photobucket.com/albums/aa271/angel-of-oblivion23/PhotoJan2821501PM.jpg[/img]

In this shot, you can see the pistol, knife, and helmet pretty clear.

[img width=650 height=484]http://i197.photobucket.com/albums/aa271/angel-of-oblivion23/PhotoMay2971816PM.jpg[/img]

[size=18pt]PRICE LIST:[/size]

Vizsla 4/5 with custom earcaps: $250
Legacy chest with Kraam back and shoulders: $185
Just shoulders: $50
Girth belt (32-34) is an imitation jango bolo belt cut in half: $60
Belt + all pouches, sidearm plus holster, and cod plate: $140
All pouches: $40
Belt(32-36): $30
Hammered 22gg cod: $70
Sidearm + holster: $40
Hammered 22gg knees: $85
WWI Officer's spats: $50 (Need a strap replaced)
Boots (11): $45
Neckseal: $20
2 piece flight suit with thigh pockets: $25
Vest: $35
Gloves (M): $35

Altogether, this comes to $930 If you buy all of it in one go, I'll drop to $900 +shipping