Complete Jango Fett for sale

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    Complete Jango Fett for sale

    Sold Pending Funds

    Here is an old build thread of mine with some parts shown: I always had great compliments on this costume.

    Was trooped probably about 20 times, so it has it's share of nicks and bumps. Plenty of top name parts used, electronics in the gauntlets and backpack. Comes with the mic system for the helmet and speaker I have in the pack. Lots of BKBT and cruzer parts. Aluminum details on knees, pack, guantlets. Has the metal blasters and the best boots made, the Reinone (sp) boots. My feet are 11.5 wide and the boots are snug on my one foot, so I think these boots are about a size 10.5 or 11. I am 6 225 for size reference, but I'll measure the bolo belt for size it will fit.

    $3200 + shipping. You pay fees for paypal. Shipping will be big since everything is assembled, probably 3 large boxes I would guess. I suggest pickup of this and get the large tote this is all housed in, figure $3100 for pickup since you save me the hassle of shipping. Located 15 miles north of Gettysburg. I can be reached quicker over on

    Don't contact me for individual parts, I won't respond.

    Will trade towards the following with cash on my end:
    -2006 BMW 3 or 5 series, awd
    -2006+ Dodge Ram quad cab 1500, 4wd
    -mid 200 Scag turf tiger or Exmark lazer z, 60" deck
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    Re: Complete Jango Fett for sale

    Some pictures and better descriptions. Overall this costume will fit someone up to about 6'2" I feel since the legs were long on me at 6'0. Bolo belt measures 37" close, but can open another 4 inches:

    -Jetpack (pictures in the first post link). Has metal greebles with one that lights up with an LED inside. Voiceamp is located inside the pack with a cable that runs through the trapdoor on the backside. Voice comes out the center exhaust port of the pack which was cut out very carefully on the 'grill' area.

    -Helmet. BKBT, rangefinder in another picture but comes off with a simple wingnut for ease of transport. Friction hold as I was able to move RF up or down by hand easily. RF unit has mercury switch tripped electronics inside/ self contained batteries, screen lights up and the two LED's blink.

    -Cruzer Backplate

    -Vest with upper torso armor. BKBT armor, homemade vest painted with the good vinyl grey paint. Single long velcro strip on the middel of the back to get in and out of.

    -Bolo Belt, Pouches, thigh armor, holsters, Mostly Cruzer stuff, bolo was from a gorup buy from india I think it was. Bolo closed measures 37"ID but can open to 41" and still have the tie down area hidden by the flap in the back.

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    Re: Complete Jango Fett for sale

    -Right Gauntlet. Cruzer parts and Darkside metal greebles, opens and clsoes with piano hinge pin.

    -Left gauntlet, same description as above. All metal greebles on it, including rocket. LED lights up off switch.

    -Flightsuit. SGB, had the correct blue/purplish hue even if picture lighting does not show it. Also shown in harness I wor over flightsuit and under vest to hold the jetpack.

    -Reinone boots. The best boots made for this costume. Newer ones quality don't compare to these. One foot of mine is 11.5 and the other 11, both wide. The longer foot of mine touches the tip of the boot, so I think these boots are sixed 10.5-11. It was no problem to troop 8 hours in these.

    [COLOR="silver"]- - - Updated - - -[/COLOR]

    -MR blasters, real deal MR metal blasters. No cast stuff here. What can I see, pull these out and you'll really impress the crowd as the sun shines off the metal.

    -Knee, shin armor, with Dark side metal greebles.

    -Balaclava, lambskin gloves, RF unit, mic unit
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    Re: Complete Jango Fett for sale

    oh those boots.....I want them.......

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    Re: Complete Jango Fett for sale

    IF and thats a big IF ....... you decide to part out please put me down for those Gauntlets please

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