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    2 Hours Ago - Dec 22, 2014, 7:39 PM - Cold Cast Jango armor #1

    Hey guys. A member with an armor order came up with a family emergency and needs to back out of their order, so they asked me to put their armor up for sale. The cold cast armor is trimmed and unpolished. I'll post pics sometime tomorrow morning/afternoon once I have a chance to snap some. However, they pretty much look like all of the other armor I have made. The prices include shipping within the U.S. and I'll give a 10% discount for combined shipping of multiple items. I have the following pieces ready to go if anyone is interested:

    CC back plate-$140
    CC collar, chest plates, ab, diamond, and shoulder bells-$220
    CC gauntlet kit-$320
    CC cod-$74
    CC thighs-$85
    CC shins-$95
    CC boot spats-$75
    CC gauntlet shells (seconds with surface blemishes)-$100

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