(CC3745) Clone Armor Kit (Untrimmed) - w/501st EpIII Helmet

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    (CC3745) Clone Armor Kit (Untrimmed) - w/501st EpIII Helmet

    Heya folks!

    I'm selling my untrimmed kit of Clone Armor made by CC3745 a few years ago.
    Those of you who know it, know that it's amazing stuff! Very thick, rigid, high quality ABS Vacu-formed.
    Those who don't... ask anyone, who does... it's a great kit!

    It's only the vacu-formed hard parts (ie. no Belt, Elbows or Knees)image_15.jpegimage_14.jpegimage_13.jpegimage_12.jpegimage_11.jpegimage_10.jpegimage_9.jpegimage_8.jpegimage.jpeg
    I'm selling my 501st paint-scheme EpIII Helmet, which has installed fans and mic, along with it.

    I'm open for trades for a clean Stormtrooper costume. It needs to be 501st approved (or approveable upon assembly). I'd prefer it completely assembled, but would consider a kit.
    It needs to include the helmet, but I have boots, gloves, undersuit and blaster already.

    If I sell it, I'm not looking to get more than I paid ($500 for the armor and $200 for the helmet.... $700 total)

    I don't check the forums often, so if you could email me at matt.said@gmail.com instead of contacting me here, I'd really appreciate it.

    Thanks everyone!
    For more pictures, please email me.
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