Bunch of Star Wars collectables for sale on ebay. Included is a large loose prequel figure and ship collection, lot of thirteen different 12 in. figures, and a Gentle Giant Jango Fett mini bust. All are ending on Sunday.

Huge Star Wars Figure Lot Over 70 Figures and Ships TPM AOTC ROTS | eBay

Star Wars 12" Figure Lot Luke Skywalker Darth Vader and More 13 Altogether | eBay

Star Wars Le Gentle Giant Jango Fett Mini Bust Extra Bonus Bust UPS | eBay

Additionally is an MR LE Darth Vader ROTS Lightsaber and an MR Luke ESB FX Lightsaber. If anyone would like the Vader before the auctions end, I would take $350 plus shipping.

Master Replicas Star Wars ROTS Darth Vader Full Size Le Lightsaber Complete | eBay

Master Replicas Star Wars Luke Skywalker ESB FX Lightsaber | eBay

Thanks for looking!