Budget/first boba fett *updates and some price drops

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    Budget/first boba fett *updates and some price drops

    I have put together a build over the last year trying to swap pieces out as I could afford but now the end of the year is here and I doubt I will get to it anytime soon so am now looking to offer it up

    shin tools x3 set missing the stirrer tool
    set of plastic gauntlets in flat red ROTJ colouring
    green cape
    Bag of dyed red (looks like clothes line) rope, single strand it looks like it was designed to be girth belt
    budget but well painted armour front back and cod with decals
    jumpsuit fits me well so a good fit for 5'11 upwards with a 44 chest and 34 waist
    canvas style vest with stoppers (no armour has stoppers attached)
    Fabric boots US 10
    gloves will say large on them
    wookie braids
    RS jetpack partially painted in ROTJ colours
    boot spats
    ammo belt resin blocks with pleather flaps has drop pouches attached
    painted knees with metal attachments
    Chest lights
    Helmet mould jacket is little thin but can fix upon request)
    T shaped visor
    range finder tip x2 (no stalks)
    ee3 rifle kit (unassembled) ROTJ style solid wood stock

    adding up all the pieces and what they set me back (not including all the customs/shipping fees etc lol) I would like to get 800 OBO + shipping

    will get pictures up as soon as I can and in no huge rush to see this go so no silly low balls please

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    Re: Budget/first fett

    pm sent

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    Re: Budget/first fett

    are you willing to separate?

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    Re: Budget/first fett

    Obviously that's not all the rifle kit only a half pic I have to hand if there are any pieces people would like improved pictures of please let me know I will be adding more pictures as I can

    Also to avoid usual questions yes there is a pic of a fast cast helmet from the mould still to come plus daylight pics lol and yes the jetpack does come with the x2 side burners and the missing hatch

    Also if price is met I will throw in all my jetpack paints

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    Re: Budget/first fett *pics up

    People asking if I'm splitting I'd prefer one lot but if doesn't go by New Years then that's likely the route I will go

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    Re: Budget/first fett *pics up

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    Re: Budget/first fett *pics up

    Ok let's try a part out list (who knows may make more lol)

    Jetpack 200

    Belt 40

    Cape 20

    Shin tools 30

    Helmet mould with visor and range finder tip 120

    Armour front/back, Knees and chest light 200

    Jumpsuit and vest with spats and dyed rope for rope belt 150

    Gloves 30

    Boots 60

    Braids 15

    Gauntlets 50

    Rifle kit 100

    Some people have asked about dibs on some items so don't be surprised if dont get back to you straight away untill I clear it with them first but will try get to everyone as quickly as possible

    All the best

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    Re: Budget/first fett *pics up

    How much for the gauntlet rocket? Or does it come with the gauntlets?

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    Re: Budget/first fett *pics up * part out list up

    Is the rifle kit complete? Or is it just a few parts? ROTJ (T-tracks on the barrel) or ESB (Heiland chrome tube on the tip)?

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    Re: Budget/first fett *pics up * part out list up

    Rocket comes with gauntlets
    and is a full ROTJ kit just haven't dug out and pictured all the pieces yet

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    Re: Budget/first fett *pics up * part out list up

    Had a few offers for things so I'm just working through the list to see who was tyre kicking and who was serious

    In the meantime I did throw a few pieces on a mannequin and snap some shots and found a cheap neck seal

    Now onto the helmet mould this was also disappointing as I was hoping the resin (black cast in previous pics) was solid It was not and after cleaning it out the back side seemed warped due to thin plastic which is easier to see in these shots

    These where done very quickly just to show castings the one to the right is the mould in question the other helmet is a smaller one from a mould I only bought with half a jacket so was a pain to cast the back (you get what you pay for 9/10 with eBay moulds)

    So that's it for updates right now, the hunt for the rifle pieces continues......

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    Re: Budget/first boba fett *new pics up

    Finally rifle pics up are more detail parts for the barrel just didn't want to glue them on to make the point lol

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    Re: Budget/first boba fett *rifle pics up

    Jetpack Was 200 Now 150

    Armour front/back, Knees was 200 now 150

    Gloves 30 SOLD

    Boots 60 SOLD

    Gauntlets 50 SOLD

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    Re: Budget/first boba fett *updates and some price drops

    Interested in:

    RS jetpack partially painted in ROTJ colours
    painted knees with metal attachments
    budget cod armour
    Chest lights
    T-shaped visor

    PM sent.

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    Re: Budget/first boba fett *updates and some price drops

    interested in jetpack and wookie braids

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    Re: Budget/first boba fett *updates and some price drops

    pm sent...

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