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    3 Hours Ago - Dec 1, 2015, 6:09 AM - Boba Fett and Star Wars Figures for Sale #1

    While I was cleaning out my storage, I ran across a bin that had alot of extra Star Wars Stuff that you might find interesting. So I am offering it first to my fellow Dented Helmet Fetts before it hits the auction block. Prices do not include shipping. You will need to PM me your zip code so I can get an estimate from USPS. Items will go in order of PM or replies received. I am only including a few images on this board, click on the link to get more detailed photos. Message me any questions you might have. Thanks all.

    Vintage Star Wars Figures. THE BOUNTY HUNTER GUILD-$125
    Figures have all original weapons.
    Dengar-1980, tight joints, some paint wear on body and arms. IG-88-1980, tight joints. Boba Fett-1979, Hong Kong, left leg is loose, both arms loose in down position but lock in up, Bossk-1980, tight joints. Zuckess-1982, tight joints. 4-Lom, tight joints, 2 minor dots on his coat arm and back.

    Link to more detailed figure photos: SMP_5841.jpg Photo by blupride40 | Photobucket

    Vintage Star Wars BOBA FETT & SLAVE 1- $70
    Boba Fett, 1979, Hong Kong. Tight Joints, Faded Paint all around body. Slave I-Kenner, 1981. Incomplete-Missing sliding back cargo door. Han Carbonite is not original, I believe it is from 1996 POTF Slave I version. Wings still move up and down when ship is placed in vertical and horizontal position. Cockpit seat still moves up and down.

    Link to more detailed Slave I images: SMP_5853.jpg Photo by blupride40 | Photobucket

    2015 Star Wars Celebration Patches-$5 each

    2002 George Lucas-Commander Jorg Sacul Figure-$25
    Card and Bubble in good condition

    Various Star Wars Carded Figures-$10 each
    *All are unopened but have card damage to each. Perfect if you like to open them. See detailed image links:

    Boba Fett Silver 2003 Convention Figure-$10:

    2007 Boba Fett: Animated Debut $10:

    2007 Boba Fett Sage Legends $10:

    2005 Holiday Darth Vader $10:

    2002 Silver Anniversary R2-D2 $10:

    Lightsabers and display stands all in good condition. Boxes show wear.

    Yoda Scaled Lightsaber $40

    Anakin Skywalker Scaled Lightsaber $40

    Obi-Wan Scaled Lightsaber $40

    Darth Vader-ANH Scaled Lightsaber $60

    See more detailed images of lightsabers:

    Unopened 2011 Lego Slave I Brickmaster-$15
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    3 Hours Ago - Dec 1, 2015, 6:55 AM - Re: Boba Fett and Star Wars Figures for Sale #2

    TA hi, I get all 3 of the patches from you.
    PM on the way for your paypal address. Thanks, Jeff

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