Boba Fett Helmet

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    Boba Fett Helmet

    Hey guys. Ive run into some hard times so Im selling a few things here and there. One of them is my Boba fett helmet. Its the white vinyl one but its been customized with a nice paint job and has a T visor which I cant seem to get to work. Theres hot glue on the t visor that needs to be cleaned off unless you want that worn look. Anyhow if your interested its on ebay.

    Boba Fett Custom Helmet with T Visor and Professional Paintjob | eBay

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    Re: Boba Fett Helmet


    Are selling your ammo belt? I am looking for one.


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    Re: Boba Fett Helmet

    Are you in Oregon (location shown here) or California (listing location)? Maybe a local TDH member here could help you attach the visor, so you could get a higher price for it on eBay. Anyone?

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