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    Sep 30, 2014, 10:35 AM - Bo-Katan Almost-Complete Bundled Kit! #1

    After much discussion, DZ-11282 is no longer interested in making herself a Bo-Katan costume, as she's having too much fun rollin' around as Princess Leia of late. So, we're looking to off-load this untouched, unused, unworn and unbuilt Bo Katan set!

    Here's what's included and the vendor price:
    Helmet (Cruzer): $225
    Jetpack ready-for-paint (Cruzer): $425
    28" waist belt, 32" hip belt, and Jetpack Harness (Seeker): $280 together
    Armor Kit (smaller bust, 11 inch) (KWD): $325

    What you will still need:
    Guns (I always recommend Woodchuck if he's making them.)

    Total Invested: $1255 + shipping.
    Total Asked For: $1200 (includes shipping costs up to $75.)

    Will get some pictures up shortly, but it's the base unmodified kits.

    Speaking of which, here is the info on those kits:
    KWD's thread for reference:
    Sign In - 501st CloneTroopers Detachment
    Cruzer's helmet:
    Cruzer's jetpack:
    Seeker's belts, reference photo above and reality below:
    Seeker's belt and harness:

    I will take photos, as I said, but they will be probably a lot less solid in quality than KWD, Cruzer and Seeker's demonstrative photos!
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    Oct 21, 2014, 1:20 AM - Re: Bo-Katan Almost-Complete Bundled Kit! #2

    PM sent!

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