Alien Queen Trophy ( found one *please delete * )

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    Alien Queen Trophy ( found one *please delete * )

    Hello ,

    my name is alex...i´m from austria ( in a country far far away )...and that is the reason..why you reading my english like yoda is talking *ggg*... i`m searching for an alien queen trophy head... a nice user here was sold one of these beauties of bruce hansing...but i was to late and another one had big luck..... but maybe is anybody here, where knows one who anybody knows ( like soul goodman ) is not necessary in what condition it is...the most important is...a payable price ... i`m new here in the please give me a chance..not so easy to read all blogs in english... but maybe i got help...

    so i can say thank you for reading in advance...

    may the force be with you and....

    a nice weekend... best wishes

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    Re: Alien Queen Trophy

    Hi. You meant this link No idea if it is available here.

    Translation: Dies war der link den du gesehen hast. Keine Ahnung ob die es hier noch gibt.

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    Re: Alien Queen Trophy

    hello ,

    thank you very much .. Yes i was in contact with the seller of These trophy.. it was a lucky buyer faster as i *gg*.. but i think it`s in good Hands..

    best wishes alex

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