501st Complete RC Clone

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    501st Complete RC Clone

    These kits go for around $900.00 without assembly. This is assembled, with lights, blaster and Giovanni game accurate boots.
    I am in need to fix some things and I have weighed the odds so my loss is your gain. I am letting my RC 5730 www.501st.com/members/searchresults.php . This is a 501st approved kit. The lights work and I added the most accurate boots available from Giovanni which are RC Clone game accurate boots. This kit is one of the best made and is very easy to wear. Here are some images of me wearing it...

    I am 70 inches, 195 lbs. There is room for this kit to go up or down. I wear a size 9.5 US but these are 11 US. I have inserts for comfort and fit so someone with a smaller foot or larger foot can wear these. The iimages do not show the new boots. This kit has been part of the Bookpeople Jedi Camp in Austin, TX.
    I am asking $1,300.00 plus shipping. I can not accept trades or part this kit out so please do not ask. I take paypal at herphalfwayhouse@yahoo.com . Thank you for looking.


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    501st Complete RC Clone

    Want to but can't right now. Awesome RC!!!
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    Re: 501st Complete RC Clone

    SOLD... pending payment

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