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    Zam Wesell


    I'm from Europe, I'll start making my costume Zam Wesell, I have pieces: helmet, boots, chest piece, etc.

    I'm looking for the ideal neoprene fabric to make clothing. I found this fabric and I would like that you tell me if you find the right fabric for clothing Zam (seems neoprene). In the photo looks a darker color .

    Do you think you about this color ? and about the type of fabric? (the fabric is similar to neoprene)

    Thank you .



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    Re: Zam Wesell

    Hi, color looks fine, maybe slightly more red? About the feel can't say without touching.

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    Re: Zam Wesell

    Micheltenc thanks for your answer.

    I think the color is very similar, the fabric is neoprene, are two sheets of lycra and inside a thin foam layer (2 mm or about 0.08 inches). I think it's a fabric that are made ​​specifically for this costume. I think the foam to sew stitches be cut, as it is very thin and is not neoprene.

    Actually I do not know any place to buy the neoprene clothing Zam, neoprene with the correct color is hard to find.

    Thanks a lot,

    best regards.

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    Re: Zam Wesell

    Hi again, I've started with greeblies.

    I have modeled the bottle of poison with plasticine, I made a silicone molde and I got a copy with resin.

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    Re: Zam Wesell

    A friend has painted some of the greeblies I had bought.

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    Re: Zam Wesell

    At this moment I am modeling in Plasticine the set of "banana" and ovaries, to make the silicone mold and the copy in resin.I'll post pictures of the progress as soon as possible.

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    Re: Zam Wesell

    Progress banana and ovaries.

    I have modeled in plasticine, then I made the silicone mold and copies are resin.

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