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Zam Body Suit

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    Re: Zam Body Suit

    Okay, got my swatches. There was no Option 1 or 2 pointed out on my sheet of paper.. only an Option 3 which pointed out SH-14. Am I to understand that the Option 3 fabric would be dyed the right color and would need no lamination?

    I like the look and feel of GL-1 personally.

    Sure, it's not the right color but I think it looks fine.

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    Re: Zam Body Suit

    Can you tell it was a late night for me? !@#$%# ok, Let me re-itterate. GL-1 is option#1 This one is not available to us because it requires heat sublimation dyeing process= way expensive and very bad outcome. This swatch is only a thickness reference. It is a very nice,almost perfect thickness.

    RL-1, is option#2 It is 2mm-3mm thick and possible, but too thick when turned over and sewn. They can possibly laminate our pre-dyed lycra to their neoprene. We don't know if there will be glue problems. Or, if the lamination process will ruin the dye. This process would have to be tested. (Which isn't free.)We would also be wearing a leotard underneath. This option could heat-exhaust us. This particular company can't cut the neoprene smaller. 4-way stretch. We would have a white version of sh-2 dyed and laminate it to the neoprene. Test dyeing is also an added cost.

    sh-14 is Option#3 Thick nylon spandex. It is less than 1.5mm but more than .5mm thick(Spandex and lycra are the same material, just different names) No neoprene on the backside, but "thick enough" for the bulging welted seams. We can have it dyed and it is a two-way stretch. No glue problems or extra funds expended for neoprene testing. Just extra funds needed for the dye test. Cheapest option. No heat exhaustion problems either.

    Voting at this point, 1)is for me to somehow get a federal ID number and eventually find the "right neoprene company" that will give us total thickness 1.5mm double laminated neoprene with one side being our dyed sh-2 like lycra. Keep in mind this could take several months. Or 2)go with option #3 have a pretest dye job and then get enuff for all of us.

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    Re: Zam Body Suit

    Thank you SOOOO much for reiterating. You're awesome. Everyone was throwing in suggestions and saying I like Option this and that and I was totally lost.

    It all makes sense now. It's too bad about Option one not being feasible. But that all said and done....

    I go with my original opinion and think Option 3 would be the best way to get it done. I also like the color of SH-2 but I will go ahead and check the pantone # to it.

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    Re: Zam Body Suit

    TheWookie wrote:

    I'd like to see what option # 3 looks like dyed. I'm afraid of dyeing it as I went down this road before. Who are you having do the dye work?
    A company in new york. Dynamic dying company or something like that. They usually do 3000 yards at a time, so I would have to pay for a pretest if we dyed it. See, here's the thing, either I do sh-2 in white and dye it for some future neoprene company or I do sh-14 and dye it. I don't want to have to shell out so much dough for so many pretests. That's why I want people to choose. Either I keep on lookin for other neoprene companies (which will take me months)or go with option 3.
    We would get a pretest, my seamstress would sew in a welt seam prototype,and then send it out to everyone to say a final yeh or nay. But if the fellowship of the body suit breaks apart, I will not be able to order any of this at a reasonable price, even for option #3. I will not do any purchasing if people have to pay over $200.00 per person just for the fabric.

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    Re: Zam Body Suit

    What would we need to do to get a pretest done for option #3 including having the seamstress make a seam?

    For whatever it costs for a sample I'm sure we could all chip in a few bucks to get it done. This might help the final decision. I must say I'm a bit skeptical as to how this option will turn out but I'm willing to help get it done so we can have something more to go off of.

    Unfortunately, I won't be able to check in until Sunday night as I'm leaving town for the weekend.


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    Re: Zam Body Suit

    The cost would be about $10.74 per person if we did a pretest for Option#3, and if EVERYONE chipped in. People, if you are interested in the pretest, please pm me that you're interested. My paypal is If you want to mail me a check, pm me for my address. Please don't paypal me just yet. I have to get everyone to say that they definately want to do a pretest for this option. The price will fluctuate if the total "fellowship" doesn't participate.

    I must say you all have really stayed the course, you all really make me proud to be a part of tdh I'm gettin teary eyed... When I've lost my patience, you all haven't... Thanks ya'll. *sniffle*

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    Re: Zam Body Suit

    Awww.... MonCal beat me to it!

    Count me in for the test - don't think there is any other way to really know how this will turn out. I'd rather pay a few bucks now than regret any decision (one way or the other!). JMHO.

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    Re: Zam Body Suit

    I have conversed it over with some people in the group. And seeing as how most people are really into the neoprene 1.5mm, I am going to research more neoprene companies until this happens for us.
    Q:What about Option#3?
    A:Since we all want to save money, and shipping costs so darn much, we are going to wait till I acquire a Fed Id# and get a pretest of a white lycra sh-2 dyed with a correct pantone laminated neoprene sample. Then we can do the two pretests at the same time. The dying company might give me a color test break. Both samples will be sent together. Then we will decide.
    Q: How long till you get a Federal Id#?
    A: Don't know. It may take a couple of months before we all recieve swatches of the real thing in our hands. Still in the asking.

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    Re: Zam Body Suit

    Just wanted to let you know, if you guys dont hear from me for awhile regarding the body suit, it's because of the holiday season, and I have to give a piano recital/concert. So, sorry to have to perpetuate the patience. But! If you have found a Neoprene company within the US that isn't Glomax or Rubberlite, Let me know. I will make every effort to contact them and try to get these companies to cooperate regarding what we want. Thanks for your patience.

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    Re: Zam Body Suit

    I like that idea. I'm willing to wait it out until we can come up with the best possible solution.

    (as long as it's within the next decade)

    I'm a little worried option 3 will be too thin. I know the costume will probably be hot but it's not like it's going to be worn every day and besides my wife will be the one wearing it, not me Most of these costumes are warm anyway.

    Thanks zam i am for the effort!


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    Re: Zam Body Suit

    Actually, I am hoping to get the federal Id number next week. Everyone thinks that 1.5 is the correct thickness. If I can forego Option#3 then I will. I will admit it's a good option, but not the best. Let's hope the other manufacturers won't give me flack. I think we will just do pre-testing for the neoprene, when I get hold of a company with our standards met. You see, pretests for the neoprene is more expensive. you need four yards of lycra fabric just to roll through the machine. There is the dying, then there is the neoprene too. I will try asking for open cell foam, it's a lot more breathable.

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    Re: Zam Body Suit

    Do you still need donations to help contribute to the cause? I was on this board months ago seriously looking to start this outfit, but my wife and I moved out and $$ has been tough for a while, but I'm slowly looking back into this.

    What donations are you asking for and will any of this be applied to when we purchase a final outfit from it? Curious.

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    Re: Zam Body Suit

    Thanks for offering donations, but right now, it's pretty settled that we are gonna wait things out for a neoprene company that will give us exactly what we want. 1.5mm double laminated with white sh-2 nylon/lycra dyed to plum pantone 5135. Open cell foam, if possible. Once I get a neoprene company that will give us what we want, then I will be posting about a future dyeing and neoprene lamination pretest. Unfortunately, pretesting the fabric will be a separate charge from the actual 5.5-6 yards of material people will purchase. But for now, I am just waiting for the fed id to come through.

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    Re: Zam Body Suit

    Sounds like a plan.

    Thanks for doing this Zam I Am!

    Best of luck on your piano recital.

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    Re: Zam Body Suit

    Gee, shucks, tanks.. for wishing me well on the recital. I should have learned the sw theme, so that I couldve played that too, darn. I could've turned all my students into jedi-younglings! hehe. The musical force is powerful

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    Re: Zam Body Suit

    My sister plays trumpet. She played in the High School marching and concert band and now plays for her college marching band.

    Mr Fett plays drums.

    I wish I had learned a musical instrument... guess it's never too late.

    Many appologies to the powers that be for getting off topic.

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    Re: Zam Body Suit

    I had a friend back in TX that could play the Imperial March so good it made me think i was living the movie (even though if you think about it there isn't any sound in space) sorry thats way OT

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    Re: Zam Body Suit

    getting more ot- my hubbie hooks up an mp3 player speaker to the front of his vader mask and plays the vader theme, and it's hilarious when he walks by our 501 troopers and people are wondering where the music is comming from. Then you hear his breathing. It's like having John Williams with you and you're in the movie

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    Re: Zam Body Suit

    Hey all,

    I have been watching your progress on the Zam suit. I am pretty impressed with the seriousness this project is evoking.

    I have to agree that the MoM pics look like the fabric is backed with open cell foam.

    If it is not too late, I would like to join the "fellowship". My fiancee has been requesting a Zam costume for several months.

    Dark Trooper

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    Re: Zam Body Suit

    Welcome aboard. I am sure haveing another person helping out will make this work faster. Lately I know I am begun to feel we are getting close to exhausting our resources.

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    Re: Zam Body Suit

    Yeah... I donated some $$ toward the cause and I'm looking foward to getting a well made ZAM suit for my wife too. It'll be so worth the money.

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    Re: Zam Body Suit

    You mean, you donated $$ to Dallas for his pics right? Cause, um... I wasn't taking donations. Should I be checking my paypal?

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    Re: Zam Body Suit

    Yes, it was Dallas. Thanks!

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    Re: Zam Body Suit

    Welcome to the fellowship, dark trooper. By the way guys and gals, it's taking me a bit longer to get this fed id number. I don't think pretests for this suit will be available until after the holidays. I am sorry. Anyone just so happen to have one they can throw my way?

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    Re: Zam Body Suit

    Wish I did....

    I'm not worried about rushing through this - if it's after the holidays... then it's after the holidays. I'd rather get it right. So relax and enjoy your holidays Zam i am...

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