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Zam Body Suit

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    Zam Body Suit

    Ok here we go to start a new topic for posting to the body suit info. The Vest and Bodysuit part had gotten long and well time to shorten it up some. So all future posts to it here please. I would like to take this chance to thank Zam I Am for all she has done and for listening to the suggestions of others like myself. Between the group of us a very authentic Body suit may come out of this for those involved.

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    Re: Zam Body Suit

    "here here"

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    Re: Zam Body Suit

    Why tanks! :o -> seriously, the other thread really was long, plus, my leg was stretching the screen to far to the right.
    eek!I just realized that people all over the web saw my leg close to 1500 times.

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    Re: Zam Body Suit

    Here's looking forward to the fruits of our labors!
    Scriptie & Ben

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    Re: Zam Body Suit

    Can you give us that info on lycra dying, like which manufacterer/company dyes the lycra and how much did they want to charge etc. We have about 48-56 yards to contend with if we decide to go with a white lycra and dye it to match DCB's pantone. I want to see how much extra cost this would be since it's amongst a whole group of people.

    Wow, I just called one company and they want an extra minimum order of $300 if we custome dye lycra. ouch. I'm just gonna keep on asking lycra companies to send me swatches, hopefully we can get a match.

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    Re: Zam Body Suit

    It was Glomex that said they could dyematch it.

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    Re: Zam Body Suit

    Thanks wook, pm sent. How can I call them, do you have the #?

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    Re: Zam Body Suit


    Contact: Paula O'Neill

    I think she got a bit frustrated with me, so I'm not sure how much help she will be.


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    Re: Zam Body Suit

    oOPS, i posted my stuff under the wrong thread. Be sure to read about dcb's lycra color matching under the "our fearless moderator" thread.

    I'm just imagining a gray suit with me trying to get people to shine purple light filters in my direction as I walk by. This is really a color problem. I wonder if the people at ILM purposely did this just to throw us off...

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    Re: Zam Body Suit

    Ok, here's the deal with the color, some people have pointedly made it clear that they want it dyed to the color that dcb is comming back from aussie with for the lycra, so, of course, it would cost more. I will be calling the two companies to find out how much exactly it would be to dye it. If I have swatches that are already that color, then that means cheaper cost for us, if not, then I think that-to not dye- the lycra would be a real misfortunate situation, ie, sacrificing authenticity for cost. I think most of us agree, voting on color would be a problem, and if we weren't going to be authentic about it, then why get the neoprene in the first place, right? So, the process for how this bodysuit project will go down, is, dcb comes back with the color, I try to match it with some of the swatches that I have, if it isn't close, then I will buy white nylon-lycra from a company and ship it off to have it dyed to dcb's color match. Then, after that it will be shipped to the neoprene company to be laminated.
    Question for all of those in on this project: Matte-finish or shiny, and 2-way or 4 way stretch? (i will ask the neoprene company if this affects the bonding process) I know for sure that 2-way is cheaper, but, if we can't move in the suit, then it's not worth it. And, for those who want to join in to purchase the bodysuit fabric project, PM me before I order the lycra. I will quote an approximate price after dcb gets me that color.

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    Re: Zam Body Suit

    Thanks wook for the company PHN#! They helped me out lots, they are going to ship samples to me on monday. It's a lot nicer to work with one company instead of 3. People in the bulk fabric purchase project-- if anyone has anymore imput as to whether the type of lycra has a specific finish, I seem to be running into the fact that it's probably going to be a nylon-lycra combo like 88% nylon 12% lycra laminated on neoprene. They have different thicknesses of neoprene too. 0.5mm on up. So, if any of yall have a change in thickness preference, let me know. The less thick, the cheaper, but we still want enough for a "bulk"+correct leg-crease look. The picture from the other company that i had dcb post earlier, is a lot larger thickness, either 1/16th inch or 1/8th inch. So, we could go afford to go smaller. The lady at the company also said that mostly, it would be a 2-way stretch costume. She said she worked on movie costumes before and most use 2-way stretch. It's also more cost effective. She said we might also consider having it double laminated with some cheap nylon on the inside so that we don't smell like a rubbery batman after wearing it. Just some thoughts. Anyone else have any?

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    Re: Zam Body Suit

    sounds like a plan, Zam I Am



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    Re: Zam Body Suit

    Well I am ll for thinner the better. A word to the wise since I was a scuba diver that Neoprene does build and trap body heat. so the thinner it is the longer we stay cool in it. Also if we do a lycra on both sides go with black or a color they have readily advaliable for the back side. Makes it cheeper for us if they do not have to change things up a lot on their equipment.

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    Re: Zam Body Suit

    so are you now looking at fully made costumes, or still bulk material that we would need someone qualified to assemble into a suit?


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    Re: Zam Body Suit

    Well, currently, just the lycra-neoprene bulk material. We can't buy from lycra laminated neoprene manufacterers unless we meet a specific bulk quantities/or $$, so I am bulk ordering for those who pm'ed me. If people want to have a body suit made out of the lycra-neoprene material, my seamstress is offering up her services. She won't have time until after holloween to do the suits. (I can't even have the bulk material ready until after then anyway.) I am giving my seamstress all the posts regarding making the suit. Welt seams and all. Still waiting on DCB and swatches to compare lycra color that is supposed to be laminated to the neoprene.

    Cris, does renaissance dancewear still have the pattern for Kim's suit? If we could get a copy, That could save my seamstress lots of time and everyone some money(for those who want a suit made by her.)

    Regressen, Scuba-dooby doo! So, do you think it's a good thing to have it laminated on both sides? Oh, by the way, this two-way stretch neoprene is not the neoprene for swimming in, but still a hot'n'sweaty container for us. It's the less expensive type of neoprene.I should ask the company how we could wash the suit.

    Moncal, what are you sorry for?

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    Re: Zam Body Suit

    they probably do, but I'm not sure they'd give it away.

    I guess you could always ask them. They'd probably remember Kim since they had such a hard time matching the color.


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    Re: Zam Body Suit

    Quote:Moncal, what are you sorry for?
    Oh, I'm not really
    I was just playing with rhyme

    All joking aside, I'm looking forward to what you come up with.

    Good luck with it.

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    Re: Zam Body Suit

    Well from what I know all Neoprene is a rubber based material. Yes laminated on both sides is best. As to washing it I would say we will either have to dry clean or warm wash and hang dry just like a wet suit. my wetsuit I would toss inthe dryer to cause it to shrink some as I wanted a tighter fit.

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    Re: Zam Body Suit

    Bust'in rhymes eh? Heheh Need to form the starwars rap group alliance...
    the perpetrator, was he who became vader
    but little did he know that sideous, the mysterious
    hired two hoods called jango and zam, who i am,
    to kill at the senator, hard core
    she had the bling bling, and anakin be her thing,
    the story's still movin, the jedi still grov'in
    but still gotta pay the fee, and wait for episode III

    Peace out! (Gotta spread the cheeze..)

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    Re: Zam Body Suit

    Zam I Am, you're killing me. I'd give credits to see you rap that in costume!!

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    Re: Zam Body Suit

    Yeah, I can just imagine me a-chinese starwars rapping fly-girl in de house!

    "your republic credits are no good here..."

    Kim 'n cris, they wouldn't sell the pattern to me. Darn... Oh well, guess I gotta have my seamstress draw up one. Renaissance dancewear said that we needed a 4 way stretch material in order to make this. I have a feeling, we need our bulk order to have 4-way stretch material, or we'd have to be ordering more yardage.

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    Re: Zam Body Suit

    i made up a trial pair of pants in a 2 way stretch (haven't made the top yet) but the pants turned out very well (stretch wise, anyway- the pattern still needs a little tweaking) then again, i don't have to contend with too many curves..... LOL. I'll play with it...


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    Re: Zam Body Suit

    Wow, blue-that's awesome, seamstress in de house! Yo yo yo! ok, I'll stop it now I'm annoying myself with the-almost jar-jar ebonics. Can't stop the Jenny lopez songs in my head either. If it worked out really well, with just two-way stretch, then we'll get that. less expensive the better. I think that if people wanted a unitard, then 4-way stretch would be the way to go, but since I think more people want a two piece, for costume wearing reasons, 2-way stretch is the way to go. Blue informed me that you have to have the 2-way stretch laying horizontally for the pants.

    Once those swatches go out, y'all in the fabric project will really start understanding all this talk about thickness. I bought a bottle warmer from the dollar store just to understand the foam core concept awhile ago. Sorry the swatches will be small, since I only have just enuff to go around. Please pm me your addresses, for those who want samples. I will need two weeks before they go out, after dcb gives me the "most accurate color" swatch. I still have two companies who might do a color match.

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    Re: Zam Body Suit

    The double laminated neoprene swatches will be unavailable to view online this week, because my hubby's comp is down for the week, so, we have to buy another comp and do necessary upgrades. For all of those interested in buying the lycra-neoprene fabric, please start emailing/pming me your addresses so I can mail you the swatches of lycra and neoprene that I have. You will have to imagine the lycra swatch laminated to the neoprene swatch. I am going to keep on asking companies the cost to dye the fabric, while I gather every one's info. There is one swatch that I think that comes pretty close because it has a mettalic sheen that makes us understand why in some pics it appears like a dark purp, and in some lights it appears lavender. So, I will be asking companies if we could have the same type of lycra but dyed one shade darker of mettalic sheen purple. You will see what I am talking about when you recieve the swatches. We will consider what are the next options once everyone has recieved their swatches.

    *EDIT* DCB sent me the color pantone, and printed it out from his color printer to match what the pantone shows. When the lighting is dark, it actually comes out to be a plum color. Pantone #5135 u Lots of lighting probably makes it sorta lavender. Still swatch searching in the mean time.

    Sorry, I edited it again 11/9 7:45 pm:
    *UPDATE2* Neoprene company#1 will not have us pre-dye lycra and ship it to them. Instead they want to double laminate their white lycra version to .5mm neoprene and then send it to another company to sublimate the pantone color onto their white lycra. Total thickness=1.5mm. Their lycra is not shiny enough (too much like a matte nylon color), so, mebbe go with option #2? which is neoprene company #2. I will buy white 4-way stretch shiny lycra have it dyed and then send it to company#2 to have it laminated to one side of the 4-way stretch neoprene foam core 1.5mm, at the same time co#2 will laminate a black nylon on the other side. Total thickness 2.5mm. I am going to see if they will accept a test piece, cause we don't want to waste $ if we don't know if the chemicals used to laminate will work with this type of 85%nylon/15%lycra. If that is successful, then I will mail yall's the actual swatches. It doesn't make sense, but Co#2 is actually cheaper. All the other nylon lycra swatches aren't close enuff color-wize. pantone 5135 is hard to match.
    Option#3 (Cheapest way)Go and get dyed this sample called jumbo white spandex (spandex is another name for lycra), It is somewhat heavy maybe .75 mm? It's thin enough and still bulks up a bit like the MOM costume pix, and we might not have to fool with the neoprene, and it's easier to sew. No sweating to death either.

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    Re: Zam Body Suit

    Oops, I am ahead of myself--DCB, did the lycra look matte finish or shiny?

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