suspenders and attachments

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    suspenders and attachments

    Thought I might as well start a thread that has to do with the suspenders, buttons, straps, attachments, etc......

    Yvonne, did you do a suspender set up for your pants? IT looks like that is what this strap is in this pic:

    Which goes to here:

    Do you think it is necessary to attach the bodice to this elastic strap or does it hang fine without riding up?

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    Re: suspenders and attachments

    Is it possible, that they support the cumberbund, where the weight of the holster and greebs might make it droop?

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    Re: suspenders and attachments

    I had a thread here somewhere, it has all the attatchments that I made. Including me finding the right buttons etc. The weight of the greebs hold the cumberbun down, the suspenders are to keep your pants up. The bodice is fine by itself, and the way you wear it, is black leotard, bodice, pants with suspenders, vest, chestplating.

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    Re: suspenders and attachments

    That was my theory on the buttons too... thanks for confirming, ZIA and Cal. For my suspenders, I used 2" elastic and I was lucky enough to find the perfect buttons at the fabric store where I work. I also skipped the leotard thing and just attached my shirt to a black knit tube top I made, the suspenders hold it flat and keep it from moving around like it potentially could otherwise.


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