Some technical questions

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    Some technical questions

    Now that I'm actually into the building process, I've run into some snags that maybe you wonderful experienced people can help me out with... *puppy dog eyes*

    1 - I was going to attach my chest plates to my vest, but it turns out the ovary bits are solid resin and too heavy to do so. How did you all attach/support yours?

    2 - How is the armature for the binocs attached to the helmet? It looks like it's bolted to the ear cups, but mine are just ABS plastic and I don't think they'll hold that much weight... Any suggestions?

    3 - What's the best way to cut ABS plastic? I tried an x-acto knife but it didn't work very well...

    4 - Anyone know a good source for heat-melt plastic in sheets? I need boot tops and hand backs, and no clue where to find the stuff to make them out of.

    Thanks so much... gonna post some pics this weekend of what I've got done, it's coming together well!


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    Re: Some technical questions

    Hi Julie,

    As for the attachments for the armor and "ovary bits" assembly, this is what I'm going to do .... if I can properly explain it that is I was going to wait until I can post some pics but ...

    We are going to make a belt that goes around the waist at the level of where the hoses "plug" into the belly. The hose attachments will be fastened to this belt and just pass through the vest. This webbing will probably be 2". This will keep the hoses straight and not pull the vest out of shape. Now, this belt will obviously go around the mid section so in the back, we will sew some 3/4" or 1" webbing that comes up over each shoulder blade, under the vest. We will sew a slot (similiar to a button hole) in the front of the vest, The straps will poke out through the vest. The straps will then attach to the chest armor. Since the chest armor supports the rest of the front pieces, the weight will be on the straps instead of the vest. I might put a piece of velcro on the vest under the armor to help keep it from hanging out when she bends over. This is how my boba fett costume is set up for the back pack and it works great.
    make sense?

    As for the binocs, yes the armature is bolted to the helmet. if your binocs aren't too heavy, some thick abs will probably be o.k. you might have to fasten your binocs to the top of the helmet.

    As for cutting the ABS, a razor blade works .... score and snap. If you're cutting something intricate like I did with the lettering in the chest armor, I have a hot knife.... actually it's a soldering iron with an exacto blade attachment. It works great on the 1/16" plastic.

    I'm not sure on the heat melt plastic sorry...

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    Re: Some technical questions

    MonCal... when you get the vest/belt/support system all operational... could you post some pics? I think I understand what you're planning, but pics would help! Thanks!

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    Re: Some technical questions

    MaulMaus said:
    MonCal... when you get the vest/belt/support system all operational... could you post some pics? I think I understand what you're planning, but pics would help! Thanks!
    But of course

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