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    Nov 9, 2011, 4:10 PM - Selling Zam Costume (Parts) #1

    After long and careful consideration... I've finally decided that it is time for my Zam costume and me to finally part ways. I've been working on it (more or less) for more years than I care to admit... and I have simply lost the passion for it. I still love the character, but cannot see myself costuming as Zam. So, this chapter in my life has to come to an end. What this means for you Zammers out there - is that I'm going to be selling most of my costume parts and tools. And I'm giving you all first crack at them before going to the Cargo Hold or eBay.

    I'm not putting everything up at once... and it will take me some time to get everything organized, pictures taken, etc. I have almost everything to make a complete Zam... 2 of some things. Yes, I do have fabric, and that will be the first thing I sell. I also have the leather to make the vest... a completed skirt, shin-guards, boots, greeblies, tools, paints, etc. If you're looking for something in particular, PM me or email me ( ), I can let you know if I have it...

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    Nov 9, 2011, 5:01 PM - Re: Selling Zam Costume (Parts) #2

    I am sorry to hear that!
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    Nov 9, 2011, 6:45 PM - Re: Selling Zam Costume (Parts) #3

    Repost from Zam forum, may want to contact this user.

    Still working on Zam 3 years later. It's been a slow process being in school and saving the funds. So I tried to order the neoprene at yesterday and they told me the color is discontinued. So now I am in desperate need of any other sources or if anyone has 3-4 yards of Neoprene they are willing to sell. Will paypal immediately!!

    Please email me here:

    Since I don't check the boards that often due to lack of time but I check my email regularly.

    Also...I am hesitant to do the skirt myself never working with leather before, so if anyone would like to take on the task and send me a quote, I would gladly pay to get it done since I really don't have the time to do it myself.

    Thanks so much!!

    Donna (aka PirateGirl)
  5. Nov 10, 2011, 5:29 AM - Re: Selling Zam Costume (Parts) #4

    Email sent from
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    Nov 10, 2011, 8:40 AM - Re: Selling Zam Costume (Parts) #5


    I would also be very much interested in the fabric as that is what holds me back from working on it more intensively. I searched for a year to get some neoprene and had no luck so far. So if you still will have some left here is my email:
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    Nov 10, 2011, 10:52 PM - Re: Selling Zam Costume (Parts) #6

    Well... I've finished my Zam inventory... and started taking pictures. I'll have to post the pictures to my Photobucket account and then link them here. I will also be putting some of items together into groups, rather than individually. If that doesn't work... I may reconsider.

    I wanted to post this list, so everyone could see in one place - what there is and see a description of it. I hope to get the pics up tomorrow. I don't have prices up, as I have to look up what I even paid for some of these items - it's been years. Some of them, like the skirt... I made myself. If you have any questions about any of the items, after posting, please feel free to ask. So... Here ya go:

    Zam Parts List:

    Zam Fabric:

    1. ZIA Run 1: 5 1/2 Yds. + extra above seamline.(SOLD)
    2. ZIA Run 2: 4 7/8 Yds. (SOLD)
    3. 5 Yds + 1 1/2 Yds (2 Pieces) ZIA 2nd Run - Lycra fabric only: This is ONLY the Lycra - not the neoprene under-layer. This could be doubled up, or perhaps adhered to another fabric/neoprene with something like "Heat-n-Bond" - Though, I don't know how well it would work in the long run. Perhaps you could find someone to professionally adhere it to some thin neoprene?


    1. Purple PigSkin Suede: (Abt. 11 sq. feet) 11.90 sq.ft. Picture (SOLD)
    2. 2 White Lambskins: Washed and Stretched. Abt. 20+ sq.ft. total. Picture 01 Picture 02 Picture 03 (SOLD)
    3. Dark Purple Leather: Abt. 5 sq.ft. Picture SOLD

    Zam Parts:

    1. Zam Boots: Prada Boots Size 37 Euro / US 7. Picture 01 Picture 02 ( SOLD )
    2. Shin Guards: Picture 01 Picture 02 ( SOLD )
    3. Toe Guards: Picture 01 Picture 02 ( SOLD )
    4. Holster (Unfinished): Made by MonCal. This is the completed - but unfinished leather version of the holster. It includes all the snaps needed to complete it. All you need to do, is dye the holster the color you want. Picture
    5. Holster (finished): Picture 01 Picture 02 ( SOLD )
    6. Zam Blaster: Complete and finished - Made by MonCal. This is the resin version of the blaster. One of my favorite props... (I have 2 others in case you were wondering.. ) Picture 01 Picture 02
    7. Jango Blaster: Picture 01 Picture 02 ( SOLD )
    8. Zam Rifle: Picture 01 Picture 02 Picture 03 ( SOLD )
    9. 1 Set Greeblies - Painted: This set of 5 Greeblies - Made by ZIA - is completely finished and weathered (by me) and has the correct leather fasteners and ties included with them. The greeblies are on the larger side, but are totally accurate otherwise. Picture 01 Picture 02 Picture 03 Picture 04
    10. 1 Set Greeblies - Unpainted: This set of 5 Greeblies - Made by MonCal - is unfinished. These greeblies are on the smaller side and do NOT include any leather fasteners or straps. Picture
    11. Zam Beads: Picture ( SOLD )
    12. Zam Beads: Picture ( SOLD )
    13. Front Armor Assembly: Upper Chest Armor( SOLD )
    14. The Lower Armor was made by ZIA and is finished and weathered already. You simply need to attach it to the Upper/Chest assembly with the wire connector and the Hose and Hose Connectors - also included. Picture 01 Picture 02 Picture 03
    15. 1 Set Shawl/Broach/Veil: Picture 01 Picture 02 Picture 03 Picture 04 SOLD
    16. Broach: Unknown maker. Painted and weathered by me. Size is a bit larger (25%-40%) than it should be to be screen accurate, but not too bad. Picture
    17. 1 Pair Gauntlets/Hand Covers: Made by MonCal. Includes all three pieces which are painted, finished and weathered. I added leather trim to two of the pieces - which you may or may not want to keep. The black piece of plastic still needs to be glued to one piece (I was having trouble with that....). These are all made of resin, and held together with wire. The 4 pieces which get attached to the hands/gloves and the thumbs are also included with this set. Picture 01 Picture 02 Picture 03
    18. 1 set Gantlets/Hand Covers: These were purchased back in 2002 and I don't know who made them. They are not very accurate - they are what they are. Includes Hand/Glove Covers and 1 Thumb Cover - the other one got lost somewhere along the way. Picture
    19. 1 Pair Gloves: Picture ( SOLD )
    20. Hose Connector Center: Picture ( SOLD )
    21. Vest Set: Picture 01 Picture 02 ( SOLD )
    22. Cummerbund Set: Picture ( SOLD )
    23. Zam Skirt: Picture 01 Picture 02 ( SOLD )

    Tools & Supplies:

    1. Leather Strip & Strap Maker: Looks like an "X" Used mainly for cutting wider strips from tooling leather. Instructions included. Picture
    2. Lace Maker: Used for making your own leather lacing from thinner pieces of leather. Works really well. You do need to replace the blades fairly often, but that is pretty easy. Instructions included. Picture
    3. Aussie Strander: Aussie version of a lace-maker. I could never get this to work - but some people swear by this... Picture
    4. Rubber Mallet / 1/4" Oblong Punch / small protection board: What you need to make all those little holes for the Zam skirt. How do I know this??? I punched 1,242 of those dang things!!!! Picture
    5. Leather Needles: Collection of Leather Needles for Lacing the skirt and for hand and machine stitching of leather. All new / never used. Picture
    6. Snaps & Setter: For Greeblies & Shin Guards. The Zam costume has a few snaps on it, in various places. This is just a collection of a few different sized snaps as well as a small setter. Picture
    7. Leather Lace: Extra Pre-Dyed leather lace in various lengths, widths and colors. Picture
    8. Buttons for Pants/Suspenders: If you don't use elastic in your pants - and decide to use suspenders instead (as they did in the movie) these are the buttons they used. I have 2 sets of 4 buttons. Picture

    Sold in groups only.... I may cut down the size of the Createx Group and split up the Model Master group because of the duplications... But I don't want to sell the colors individually.

    Model-Master Paints - Metalizer: For Airbrushes Only Picture
    4 - Sealers (1 3/4 oz.)
    1 - Brass (1/2 oz.)
    1 - Stainless Steel (1/2 oz.)
    2 - Titanium (1/2 oz.)
    3 - Aluminum Plate (1/2 oz.)
    1 Metalizer Lacquer Spray (3 oz. Can)

    Createx Airbrush Colors: 2 oz. Ea. For Airbrushes Only Picture
    1 - Airbrush Extender
    1 - Airbrush Cleaner (Almost Empty)
    1 - Opaque White
    1 - Opaque Purple
    1 - Opaque Violet
    1 - Ultramarine Blue (Transparent)
    1 - Tinting White (Transparent)
    1 - Gray (Transparent)
    1 - Violet (Transparent)
    1 - Dark Brown (Transparent)
    1 - Red Violet (Transparent)
    1 - Tinting Black (Transparent)

    Angelus Leather Paint: 1 oz. Each Picture
    1 - Dark Taupe
    1 - Purple (almost empty)
    1 - Brown (almost empty)
    1 - Light Brown


    So there you have it - My Zam List. If you have any questions about any items - Please feel free to PM me or email me at Like I said above, I hope to get finished photographing all my items, and post them tomorrow. And again, I will need to finish looking up some of the prices of the items I paid, before I can decide upon a reasonable price to even begin to ask for it now.

    Thank you for your interest.... MM


    EDIT: Here is the link to my Photobucket Album with the pictures of all the above items in it.....
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  8. Nov 11, 2011, 5:40 AM - Re: Selling Zam Costume (Parts) #7

    I'll take:

    # 1 - Screen accurate Fabric
    # 1 & #2 of the Leather
    #11 - Finished Zam Beads
    #14 - Shawl/Veil set
    #18 - Gloves

    #21 - Cummberbund set

    Possibly once I see pictures and get prices

    #1 - Boots
    #7 - Jango Blaster
    #8 - Rifle

    Also you said you had the finish skirt which I definitely want!! Send pricing when you can!

  9. Silvara's Avatar
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    Nov 11, 2011, 8:00 AM - Re: Selling Zam Costume (Parts) #8

    e-mail sent considering parts

    Definitely in for the fabric !
  10. Admin Staff MaulMaus's Avatar
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    Nov 11, 2011, 11:37 AM - Re: Selling Zam Costume (Parts) #9

    Argghh!!!! I can't believe I forgot to add the skirt!!! *slams head on table* I'll be adding it to the list as well.

    And yes... I have been receiving everyone's emails.. and keeping track of WHEN I received them... Not surprisingly the fabric is the most popular item. I am grateful for all the interest.

    Pictures will be coming up soon.
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    Nov 11, 2011, 6:37 PM - Re: Selling Zam Costume (Parts) #10

    Okay... got all the pictures up and posted to my Photobucket account.... Here's the link to the complete Album:

    The picture labels I hope are pretty self explanatory (with the listing I made above). Unfortunately, I couldn't get the pics in the same order as the list... Also please note I added one piece of leather to the listing above, as well as made a couple changes to the vest and cummerbund listings... so Please re-read the listing. I'll see about linking the pics to the items themselves... (I don't want to overload the listing with too many pics).

    FYI there are also some pics of some of the Zammers from TDH on the DC2007 Album from Saturday... (All the pictures on that Photobucket account are public...) Just thought some of you might like to see some of your fellow Zammers and TDH'ers from a few years ago. (Direct Link: )

    Last edited by MaulMaus; Nov 11, 2011 at 6:42 PM. Reason: Added direct link to DC2007 Saturday Album
  12. Nov 11, 2011, 8:58 PM - Re: Selling Zam Costume (Parts) #11

    Ok....I have so many questions!!! I'm still so new to Zam!

    Since you have many parts with the leather the shins, veil and I even need to buy all that extra leather??

    I definitely want all the vest pieces! And would you be willing to part with just the hose...since that's the only thing I am missing from the vest armor.

    And I will take all the other stuff I listed under my possibilities list! So glad you wear the same size shoes!!!
  13. Nov 11, 2011, 9:19 PM - Re: Selling Zam Costume (Parts) #12

    Thanks for posting up the pics BTW!
  14. Silvara's Avatar
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    Nov 12, 2011, 1:24 AM - Re: Selling Zam Costume (Parts) #13

    thanks for the pics. Everything looks so perfect :-). I think I will add toe guards and holster to my interest.
    I might finally get to finish the costume next year...
  15. Member Since
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    Nov 20, 2011, 7:50 AM - Re: Selling Zam Costume (Parts) #14

    Is the skirt (Item 22) still available? Count me in if it is...
    Send you a PM.
  16. Admin Staff MaulMaus's Avatar
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    Nov 20, 2011, 3:53 PM - Re: Selling Zam Costume (Parts) #15

    Some items have been sold - Please see my listing of items for those things which have SOLD. Some items are still in the process....
  17. Member Since
    Mar 2011
    Nov 20, 2011, 7:12 PM - Re: Selling Zam Costume (Parts) #16

    Interested in the following items if it's still available:

    2. Shin Guards
    3. Toe Guards
    5. Holster (Finished)
    9. 1 set of Greeblies (Painted)
    11. Zam Beads
    13. Front Armor Assembly
    14. 1 Set Shawl/Broach/Veil
    15. Broach
    16. 1 Pair Gauntlets/Hand Covers: Made by MonCal
  18. Admin Staff MaulMaus's Avatar
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    Dec 10, 2011, 5:49 PM - Re: Selling Zam Costume (Parts) #17

    Updated my List of Items Sold - Some items are "Spoken For" even though they are not listed as sold yet.... Other items are still available.

    I also have a life-sized Zam Cardboard Standee if anyone is interested in that.... It is a great reference piece.
  19. Member Since
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    Dec 11, 2011, 12:59 AM - Re: Selling Zam Costume (Parts) #18

    PM sent, hope to hear from you soon.

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