OT- Belated b-day

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    OT- Belated b-day

    Happy B-day Ragresen!

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    Re: OT- Belated b-day

    OOOH, that's right!!! I'm horribly late wishing you a happy birthday now!!!! I hope you had a great birthday, John!!

    (See what happens when I don't check all of my boards over the holidays! I forget stuff!!)

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    Re: OT- Belated b-day

    Don't know ya.....

    But On behalf of us Dented Helmet folks - - -

    I wish you 'uh Happy Birthday too!


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    Re: OT- Belated b-day

    Well... Happy Belated Birthday Ragressen! Hope it was a good one!

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    Re: OT- Belated b-day

    Geez I have not even been about really the last few months and all you are wishing me happy B-day. Well I am that Amazing age of 30 and have done too much reflecting on my life. God I think I have wasted most of it in a way.

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    Re: OT- Belated b-day

    Happy belated b-day man.

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