For half of your leather needs...

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    For half of your leather needs...

    Actually, for most of your leather needs! I couldn't change the title... sorry 99 cent taco!

    I think the only parts that might not be easily supplied are the exact veil/hood color, trim on the shoes, and vest leather. All other stuff, is a great source.

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    Re: For half of your leather needs...

    Yep... and about 3 years too late for me! Oh well.. guess if I ever get around to Zam v. 2.0, I'll be able to tap this resource!

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    Re: For half of your leather needs...

    Wow! This is amazing.
    Soon as C4 is over I'm going to be making Moncal one busy person as well as my friend who's helping me with the leather parts.
    I will have this done by next year....I will have this done by next year.....{{repeat until Fairy Godmother comes and makes it so}}

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