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Fellowship of the bodysuit-To be Shipped!!!

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    Re: Fellowship of the bodysuit

    okey dokey!

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    Re: Fellowship of the bodysuit

    Any fabric takers still? I have a slot left on the fellowship list. I thought that there were enuff people, to drive down the cost, but one more person would make the price feel better to the rest of us (The header price is costing more than I thought.) Anyone? anyone? bueller, bueller?

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    Re: Fellowship of the bodysuit

    Perhaps you could do a dutch auction over on ebay? Get a set price of $200, let them know what is going on, and maybe we'll get a few more takers?
    Or you could go with a safer estimate of $250, or ever $275 and let them know that the final cost may be less. Or don't and just make a little profit for all your hard work!

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    Re: Fellowship of the bodysuit

    Too much hassle, cause the price varies and may adjust between now and then. I'll try the RPF. And there are two people that I am going to ask before I take a stab at ebay. I haven't sold anything on ebay as of yet, so I don't have the time to learn their whole "system" right now.

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    Re: Fellowship of the bodysuit

    I Ebay all the time. It's great!

    Maybe the Replica Prop Forums? People got $$ to blow there.

    Also, I hope these possible defects aren't in the final fabric we get. This would suck for how much it's costing. Also, isn't this material gonna be hot even though it's breathable? That's a big concern and it worries me.

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    Re: Fellowship of the bodysuit

    This will be no worse than wearing trooper armor. I have walked on land in a black 3mm wetsuit for 3 or 4 hours strait and nevere got really uncomfortable beyond haveing to use the restroom. The neoprene this will be made of is a lot thinner and more breathable so it will be much more comfortable.

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    Re: Fellowship of the bodysuit

    I've already posted to Watto's Junkard on the RPF. No takers just yet.

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    Re: Fellowship of the bodysuit

    I will do the same as well so that there's two posts. I'll advertise as best as I can.

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    Re: Fellowship of the bodysuit

    Just realized, I needed to update the width, it should be at 52" going from closed cell to open cell, it changed the width of the fabric.
    Edit** I just called the neoprene co again today. Hope that she doesn't totally say no to the whole project... she has been threatening to cut me off. Anycow, I think she will call back today. I had put in a request, hopefully I can minimize cost damages without adding another person on the list. Hopefully she can grant my wish. Shaving off 2' of the neoprene may save everyone money. We'll see.

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    Re: Fellowship of the bodysuit

    Cut us off!?!?

    Geez...she's not a very good buisness woman. Here we are begging for them to take our money for the material and they threaten to not do it!?

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    Re: Fellowship of the bodysuit

    I am trying to juggle one person's financial dismay (that person would opt out if it got too close to $250) and the neoprene costs. But everything seems to have worked itself out. The neoprene company has agreed to my sugestion, and the yardage for everyone will be short about two inchess. And, we will save on some cash.

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    Re: Fellowship of the bodysuit

    If I come up 2" short with what I need, I'm going to look for someone on here's scrap!

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    Re: Fellowship of the bodysuit

    keep trying, Zam. We have faith in you. I believe we'll all come out okay. This thing is constantly changing! These people are just not being to nice to you, are they? Will cutting 2' off the fabric be sacrificing a whole lot? is that 2"x6 yards to equal 2' total?

    Man they need to cut you a deal. This is ridiculous how they're treating you.

    Just so you all know, I won't be ashamed to say that I am the one person who may opt out if it gets to be too much here that Zam mentioned. I know it would mean your guys' price going up a bit, but I can't buy something if I don't have the money, right? $225 is $225, and not something a normally have readily available and I cut up all my credit cards a month ago . On a very positive note I'm pretty confident that this will all work out though. I don't get why they have such a problem taking people's money to get this sucker made! I'm doing my best folks and I truly don't wanna back out. I want the good stuff too, but I gotta make sure the price stays reasonable (even $150 is high, but this is custom stuff!) or I just can't realistically do it. I've been selling things for the past couple months to save up and I'm doing okay, so don't panic yet!

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    Re: Fellowship of the bodysuit

    Sith Camaro, don't worry, the width should compensate for that. Hey, since it's open cell, width is at 54" now. Niennumb, the price has backed down. When I talked it over with the neoprene company, this works out for the best.

    I had to recalculate this stupid thing on the excel spreadsheets like a million times to make this work out, and what I talked over with the neoprene company today actually works out for the best. Cause, otherwize, I would realistically have to add at least two more people. See, industry standard sheets of manufactured neoprene comes in sheets, very LARGE sheets. 50 ft to be exact. That's close but not enuff to fill three people's outfits. So, it's better loosing 2 inches per person than to realistically buy a whole other sheet of the stuff PLUS the dyed lycra to boot. I think that is what the neoprene lady was trying to say...she just came accross wrong. (Good thing I recalculated and re-asked.) Plus, adding more people would be a shipping nightmare for me. UPS doesnt ship over 150 lbs. The request I made today will work for the best. See, all is good now in the land of zam... I am just crossing my fingers that the neoprene lady gets the lycra and gives me a one week turn around. No word about recieving it has come yet. Hopefully tomorrow she will give me a for the prototype going through the lamination process.

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    Re: Fellowship of the bodysuit

    YES, ZAM!!!! YOU GO, GIRL!!!! Any idea on what our possible rough costs have dropped to now?

    This is great!! Good job!

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    Re: Fellowship of the bodysuit

    Ya, know, I think I will wait till when the prototype will come in like I said in the first post. Cause I don't need anymore emotional rollercoasters and nightmares about price. Just realize I will do my best to keep it between the $200-$250 and right now, it's closer to the lower end of the money spectrum.

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    Re: Fellowship of the bodysuit

    You go girl!

    Can I give you a big hug if you go to Dragon*Con?

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    Re: Fellowship of the bodysuit

    Massive Clawdite Club GROUP hug!!!!

    Ok ok, zam i am calms down and realizes, it's just a job... HEHE just kidding.. But! gotta stay the course and keep those emotions intact, cause prototype still isn't done yet. Zam I am gets into pensive mode again...

    Edit**Just got an email from the neoprene company, she just got it today and will start lamination of the prototype next week. The @$!$@% dyeing company shipped it without the roll that it was on! (I paid for that..) Now, the neo company has to re-roll my fabric. GRRR. I will make sure that will NOT happen again. Zam prays and hopes she doesn't get surcharged...I am going to have a HUGE talk with the dyeing company.

    Zam I Am breathes deeply and tries to go to her "happy place" Well, live and learn I guess...

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    Re: Fellowship of the bodysuit

    Well, I talked to the neoprene company, they have to lay it flat for the fabric to relax, because the dyeing company shipped it all folded in a box. We definately don't want wrinkles in our prototype before lamination. She was nice about it (a little aggrevated, as was I, cause they have to put more time and effort into this little prototype order), but I was glad I don't have to call the dyeing company to reship the roll. But I will make sure for the BIG order, that it will be on a Roll. Looks like I should have the prototype next week sometime.

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    Re: Fellowship of the bodysuit

    folded up!? Jeez!!!

    Next week ya say? WOOHOO!!

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    Re: Fellowship of the bodysuit

    Ya know... those people are aggravated? They should shut their traps and do their job! They're doing a $$$ job here and they should be treating you with some respect. There's a lot of money on this and they really need to simmer. What a bunch or jerks, man. I hope this gets done soon. these people sound like they're there to make a quick buck.


    Okay I'm done venting at them...

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    Re: Fellowship of the bodysuit

    The place where I have been hosting my pics will not allow me to host from their site anymore ( So, I will put in hyperlinks to all of them until I figure out how to set up a website to hold all my pics. Sorry about all the red x boxes

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    Re: Fellowship of the bodysuit

    Well, I figured out how to make a webpage off of
    Check it out...

    But I still can't figure out how to post the darned image so that it pops up here. Go figure.

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    Re: Fellowship of the bodysuit

    I've heard that if you rename the file something.txt and then link to it with the image tags [ image ] somthing.txt [ /image ] that it gets around geocities' remote linking policy, but I have never tried it myself.


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    Re: Fellowship of the bodysuit

    Cool! it works! It just doesn't work when i have used the site too much. Meesa happy.
    Edit** I figured the darn thing out...(You can check out letter D color up top)I can post pics now, just realize that using freeware doesn't allow you easy priveledges. So, you guys might get intermittant red x's (sorry). But it shouldn't happen too often (i hope).

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