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Fellowship of the bodysuit-To be Shipped!!!

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    Re: Fellowship of the bodysuit

    Wow, changing to breathable neoprene, causes a different lamination process. There will now be more lycra material used for sewing the top edge of the pants and underside of the crop top, because lycra will now be hanging off of both edges of the width of the roll of neoprene.
    Our fellowship is now gonna be the zam armada... hehe Welcome aboard Qui-Gon_Ludo!

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    Re: Fellowship of the bodysuit

    Thank you Zam I am!!! You have been very helpfull through PMs, and I am so glad someone did so much to get an accurate material for the Zam ccostume. That really was the one part that was scaring me, but now the problem seems solved

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    Re: Fellowship of the bodysuit

    List has been edited to reflect how people signed up, and will also dictate the order suits will be made by the seamstress if she decides to cut out the pattern one by one.

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    Re: Fellowship of the bodysuit

    Welp, the neo company just shipped me a large sample of open cell neoprene. My seamstress will be able to get in more neoprene practice before she gets the real material yeh, anything to make the suit more accurate

    EDIT**WOW!, I just talked to the neoprene co. the prototype will have one week turn around from the day they recieve the dyed lycra. So once Dallas gives me an ok on color, we have a go for the prototype and it will be sent back in a week. Then if everything turns out good with the lamination, I will be asking for money to put in the order. But for the manufacture of the BULK order, it has a one MONTH turn around time. So, our suits won't be worked on by the seamstress until sometime in mid-March. Just letting you all know ahead of time, this one is gonna be a long process and thanks for being patient.

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    Re: Fellowship of the bodysuit

    Not a problem... as long as it's done before Dragon*Con - I'll be happy! Besides...this gives me a bit longer on that diet!

    Please, just give a heads-up on when you'll need the money - I have to transfer the $$$ from my bank and that takes about 3-4 work days to complete! Thanks!

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    Re: Fellowship of the bodysuit

    That's all good, gives me more time to save some $$$

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    Re: Fellowship of the bodysuit

    I am anxious for everyone to transfer the money too,so we can start the order already, but gotta wait until I get the prototype back without lamination problems and so that I can give you all a final price figure. We have successfully lowered the amount that it costs per person close to $200.00, but I need for them to ship the finished prototype to me before we can get some exacting figures. Do you want me to start collecting money before or after I send you all samples of the prototype? Once I recieve a hitch free prototype, I will be accepting $$ via paypal. Or, check. Pm me and I will give you my address. I want you to be completely satisfied with the prototype so that you "know" how the material will turn out. The last several people on the list have not had a chance to feel and see option #2. And no one has really "seen" the pantone color on the neoprene just yet either. Still waiting on the colors to arrive at Dallas' doorstep so he can say "ok" at this point. But I do realize, the sooner I start collecting the dough, the faster we can put the big order in. The absolute last day for people to join the "fellowship" is a Jan 27th.

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    Re: Fellowship of the bodysuit

    "That's all good, gives me more time to save some $$$"

    Exactly. Thanks for the update, zam I am.

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    Re: Fellowship of the bodysuit

    Wonderful news!!

    zam i am wrote:

    Do you want me to start collecting money before or after I send you all samples of the prototype?
    Personally, I'll send the money once you know the final figure and before I see the sample, but I'd still like a sample. I don't care if the color is "off" by a little or the fabric is not the exact same... I'm not backing out now.

    I'm PMing you.

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    Re: Fellowship of the bodysuit

    Same here, as soon as you have a final price, i'll send you the money

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    Re: Fellowship of the bodysuit

    I'll do the same. If you come up with a final price, I should be ready.

    I suppose it could depend on how you need to get things taken care of on your end. If or when you need some funds to get the project taken care.


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    Re: Fellowship of the bodysuit

    i got it i got it i got it!!!!

    sample "D" is PERFECT!!!!

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    Re: Fellowship of the bodysuit

    Woohoo!!!! Call is made to the dyeing company! I will fax the confirmation right now. D !!!!

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    Re: Fellowship of the bodysuit

    WOOOHOOO!!!!!! Yay!!!

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    Re: Fellowship of the bodysuit

    One small step for zam, one LARGE step for clawdite kind... LOL Ok ok, we're through one hump. Gotsta get the prototype. The dyeing company said that they would send it to the neo company wed or thurs. So a week and two days after the 29th or 30th, I should have the prototype. Someone gimme a high five! Dynomite! So final cost will be given at the earliest, the 6th of Feb. Then I will try to send to all yalls the prototype sample with a welt seam. (I'm still praying that lamination goes on without a hitch. ) Need the zam blessings and mojo goin...zam i am does the safety dance...

    EDIT** If you cannot get $200-250 by Feb 3rd, PLEASE let me know, because it will affect everyone else's cost for the suit when it comes time to order. The $200-250 includes shipping. I cannot order unless EVERYONE on the list pays me, and everything clears my bank. I can only wish that I were rich enuff to prepay for everything but I can't. EDIT again 1/30** But because several people have signed up, the cost has lowered to about $210. I cannot give a final quote until about the 6th of Feb. If someone drops off the list, then the price will go up.If someone signs on, it might drop a little.

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    Re: Fellowship of the bodysuit

    Roger that!

    Will have money paid via PayPal by 03 Feb!

    Thanks again zam i am... for all your work!

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    Re: Fellowship of the bodysuit

    Wait zam scout! I shouldn't have quoted so soon about dates, I knew this would happen. Grrr. I just meant that Feb 3rd is an approximate date. I THINK the prototype will arrive then, but don't know. I DON"T want you guys to pay me $200 if something bad happens or, if something happens to the fellowship. I hate to say it, but if someone drops off, then the price will go up. That's why I have been giving $200-$250 estimates all along. I want for those who are queesy about paying up to make a final decision around when I get the prototype, so I can give a final price quote. I thought everyone would be solid in their decision and $ probs by the time I recieve the prototype and post pics of it on the board. If anyone doesn't think that they can make that decision until they recieve a prototype in their hand, that's fine, it would delay the shipment another week and a half to two weeks. But at the same time, I don't think it's fair for people who have been waiting since August to wait another 3 weeks for someone to decide and pay up, further delaying shipment of their material two months out. So, just please have about $200-$250 ready so that when I have the prototype, I can get this order over with...

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    Re: Fellowship of the bodysuit

    No worries!

    Just making sure I have the $$$ in the right place at the right time... that is all!

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    Re: Fellowship of the bodysuit

    Yup, same here!! Well, I already have the money in fact...

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    Re: Fellowship of the bodysuit

    Roger, roger.

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    Re: Fellowship of the bodysuit

    I have my money ready.

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    Re: Fellowship of the bodysuit

    Thanks, yous guys and gals are the greatest. Some people are confused about seamstress costs and such. I don't need a definate answer on that until after the HUGE order comes in.Thats like over a month away. And, by then you will have had a sample of the prototype to test on in case you want to try sewing it yourself. All is good in the land of Zam.

    Edit** Just got a call from the dyeing company, the dyed sample is now being shipped today 1/28/03 to the Neoprene company for lamination for the prototype.

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    Re: Fellowship of the bodysuit

    money is ready on my end as well

    Hopefully this stuff breathes very well. While something may e breathABLE, doesn't necessarily mean it breathes well.

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    Re: Fellowship of the bodysuit

    My funds are available too.

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    Re: Fellowship of the bodysuit

    Just letting you all about the disclaimers of the neoprene company. This could mean not EXACTLY six yards per person, if there are defects, but hopefully, everything will be ok.

    From the neoprene CO.: You must remember that we do hundreds of yards per day and most runs are of the same foam/fabric combination for large jobs. By running a small job there needs to be a header. Also, do not discount the fact that there is always a
    possibility of minor defects in the foam or fabric. Industry standard allows the following:

    *50 foot roll laminates or their multiples will be considered first quality
    with the below minor defects excepted:
    Up to five (5) minor irregular areas in total for two sides per 50 foot
    lineal length
    One fabric splice or run out per 50 foot lineal length
    Any type of irregularities that lie outside the stated minimum tolerances
    for width or length
    Defect areas may vary in size, but will be counted as one flag
    The one exception is should the defect area create a significant loss of
    Example: The defect area is 5% or more of the rolls square footage
    Set lines and compressions caused by storage, handling, or shipping are
    not classified as defects
    unless obvious carelessness or improper procedures are indicated
    Irregularities include
    q Holes in the rubber
    q Rough edge trim
    q Adhesive spots
    q Fabric wrinkles
    q Missing thread ends
    q Barre
    q Dye spots
    q Dirt, grease, etc.

    As you know, we have committed that we will run this order continuous to an
    extent. It may get too large to be handled and may need to be run in
    smaller lengths.

    Edit** I thought we would be at $200 per person, but because of header material, the price went up a little. Just wanted to let you know that the price range is still between the $200-$250 mark. I am desperately seeing how I can cut costs, I even thought maybe I could ride to the Neoprene company and save on shipping, but that wouldn't work. The quote will definately be after the prototype is done. Thanks for your patience.

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