Double Fabric vs. Neoprene

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    Double Fabric vs. Neoprene

    Official Vote is in, NEOPRENE wins out over double fabric !
    Actual suit screen arm shot:

    Actual suit promo leg shot:


    (I am borrowing Maulmaus' example )

    Double Fabric:

    Fabric run List opinions:
    Zam I Am - Neoprene
    Iceheart - Double fabric
    Resilient - Neoprene
    Seven - Neoprene (But Both if Possible)
    KimnCris - Double Fabric
    asok - Neoprene
    Zamovar - Neoprene
    Laiori - Neoprene
    Droid Collector (Raul) - Neoprene
    Benekov - Neoprene
    Gotmaul - Double Fabric
    BFett333 - Neoprene
    Vader674 - Neoprene
    Sl/TK 8456 - neoprene
    Moncal - neoprene


    Maulmaus - Neoprene
    Langsuire666 - Neoprene
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    Re: Double Fabric vs. Neoprene

    I like the look of the Neoprene....and for the most part the heat factor isn't a worry for me. Firstly because I'm cold most of the time and secondly when it is hot here, I can wear a different costume. So Neoprene has my vote.

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    Re: Double Fabric vs. Neoprene

    I'm going to have to come down on the side of neoprene. It's got the right look; sorta thick but still flexible. The double fabric just seems too thin, and would tend to make wrinkles at elbow and knee, rather than those thick folds as seen in the promotional pics.

    Re: comfort issue -- At this "stage" of my life, I am very sensitive to heat so chances are I'll probably pass out from heat exhaustion no matter which fabric I use. So I might as well look the part of a dying Zam if I'm going to be one.

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    Re: Double Fabric vs. Neoprene

    Living in the Canary Islands, I really KNOW THE HEAT !!! We have no winter here !!! Absolutely NO WINTER, and almost no AUTUM...

    But even so... I really prefer to be 100% accurate rather than a little more conform.. like other has said here, if it's hot, we can always use other costume (if we cannot resist !! I CAN ) ...

    My real vote goes for NEOPRENE !!! Accuracy first !!!

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    Re: Double Fabric vs. Neoprene

    I sent Raul a message letting him know about the debate. He said he hasn't been able to get on the TDH in a while so I tried to get him some info so he can. Maybe that's what's happened with several of the people. They can't get on to the forums?

    At the same time, not to be a pain but maybe there should be a pole and a deadline so the order can be made. It's almost Christmas and for people to get their material and then get it to a seamstress, time is running thin. I will be helping 2 people get their suits made and my seamstress will be hard pressed to get them done for spring / C4.

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    Re: Double Fabric vs. Neoprene

    I think that once the double fabric is stretched taut over a body, it will look just fine. It just seems so much more wearable...

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    Re: Double Fabric vs. Neoprene

    Deadline I need to hear your votes by the 16th. I am thinking it's heading towards the neoprene. Once that is decision is reached (after the 16th), I do want to have the money in hand if possible to place the order this month. So, please, if you know anyone that hasn't responded, please help me get their info -- especially the people that haven't responded. The ones who haven't responded are making me think there will be a price fluctuation, or that I will have to open up the list again. The price is holding steady looking to be $225.00 not including shipping for the people listed, if everyone that first signed up stays afloat and sends me their info. I can work out shipping costs to each individual later, once I recieve the $225.00 from everyone to place the initial orders. If the people with the by their names are serious about sending the $ then I can get the ball rolling. If I don't hear from them as far as their mailing info etc, in the next 3 days, then I will have to reopen the list and take them off. I am hoping to get the $$ at least before the 24th, to make the order of neoprene. Please don't send me money until the results are final.

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    Re: Double Fabric vs. Neoprene

    C'mon guys, just 2 days left... Let's say what you think...

    BTW ZIA... what happens with those other guys =??? didnt they answer you ??? Have you tried to contact them ??? IF not, I will !!! but let's make this move .

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    Re: Double Fabric vs. Neoprene

    I have emailed them and pm'ed them. They haven't responded. Please! if you guys know them, please let them know we are waiting for them. I would have to open the list again, if they are no-go's and replace them. Which I would rather not do. I just want to get this list/run done and over with.

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    Re: Double Fabric vs. Neoprene

    ZIA, please.. let me ask you one thing abuot the payment methods...
    You said "I can't accept paypal by creditcard, because I don't have a business account"... but for my experiences, you dont need a business account to received paypal by credit card ... I have used my paypal with my credit card almost every week, with people who dont have a businees account at all, and always worked perfectly... (you can ask MonCal for instance, I have made tons of deals with him, and no problem so far...)

    Could you confirm that ?? please ?

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    Re: Double Fabric vs. Neoprene

    Benekov ~ I can't because I don't have a business account/premier account. I would have to upgrade to a premier account to accept credit card charges, and then paypal would be taking in 4.9% on all $$ sent to me +.30 (which should be going towards the purchase of the material). All your friends probably have a premier account. I won't upgrade just to have $$ taken away from me, or having to charge more to the "customer." Even though it's easy to use, it's not worth the headache to me to calculate/find out the difference in 4.9%+.30 plus exchange rates per person. Debit paypal only. Money order is fine too.
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    Re: Double Fabric vs. Neoprene

    Which people can't you get ahold of? Is it just the ones at the bottom with by their names?

    I can try a couple of the people above there if there are some?

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    Re: Double Fabric vs. Neoprene

    Getting off topic, yes you can accept up to 5 credit card payments per year if you don't have a buisness account. However, I believe that personal accounts are only allowed to accept $500 a month. Will that affect the run, payments and time?

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    Re: Double Fabric vs. Neoprene

    Seven ~ if that is true, then I can only accept 2 payments by creditcard, paypal, but they will have to pay the 4.9% + .30 and everyone else said that they could pay by debit paypal. Also, 3 people are from out of the country plus I need to fill 2 spots, plus get info from people who haven't responded. Time frame is still on hold because of the lack of getting back to me and me being short 2 buyers.

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    Re: Double Fabric vs. Neoprene

    DEC 18th ... and no answer from those guys ??? :| ...

    C'mon !! we are waiting for you !!!

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    Re: Double Fabric vs. Neoprene

    I would say Neoprene.

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    Re: Double Fabric vs. Neoprene

    I'll be ordering and paying for the fabric for Raul and his vote is Neoprene. He can't log in to the forums for some reason.

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    Re: Double Fabric vs. Neoprene

    Any news on this ???

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    Re: Double Fabric vs. Neoprene

    Benkenove said: View Post
    Any news on this ???
    Shhh. It's the holidays and ZIA has a small child. She'll get to it when she can, and bugging her about it won't make anything happen any faster.

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    Re: Double Fabric vs. Neoprene

    Heheh.. dont get me wrong... I'm not bugging her at all, and I'm not in a hurry, just wondering simply what I asked... if there is any news... if the list is complete, is there is "enough" people to do the run... etc etc... I'm not asking her to STOP his world, drop the childs, and start working for us ... Simlpy that...

    Merry Chistmass all of you !!!

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    Re: Double Fabric vs. Neoprene

    Hey guys, I haven't given you all your final shipping costs, because 1) I need 4 more people to make the run happen. 2)You should hold onto your money until everyone is onboard and is confirmed that they will pay and how. I did mention that I needed 4 more people on the other thread. The people with by their names haven't replied, so I am assuming that they aren't going to buy. That leaves 4 spots left. I don't feel right accepting money until I know we have the right amount of people being definates. I have to reach 18 people on the list for this to work. We only have 14. If anyone wants to help out and advertize in the 501st Costuming Zam Thread, the RPF, or another costuming board~ go ahead and link the neoprene thread, but I can only deal the fabric through the TDH~ I don't check the 501st main boards or the RPF but like once a month. So they would have to join up onto the TDH. Until I reach that number, the dates for payment and ordering will have to be pushed back. Sorry. I am about as anxious as anyone else to get this stuff through the doors. I don't want the neoprene and dyeing company to forget our possible order. Remember, I was hoping to have ordered it by Sept.

    Thanks! Merry Christmas, Hope your Christmas is filled with Zammerificness, but more importantly the real reason for the season.

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    Re: Double Fabric vs. Neoprene

    Hi guys...

    I just want to BUMP this thread cause this is the hottest ZAM thread at the moment, and well, I just want to "help" to let the "annoyed" threads to die...

    So.. bump for this thread, and c'mon guys... we still need 4 more to complete the run !!! just 4 !! It's now or never !!! (as Elvis said ).


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