Congratulations Daddy Dan!

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    Congratulations Daddy Dan!

    TheWookie wrote:

    The latest addition to my family arrived 12:25pm this afternoon.

    Alora Diane Hyatt
    9 pounds 8 ounces, 21.5" long
    CONGRATULATIONS!!!! Whoa! 9 pounds 8 beans! that's a big baby!!! Man, so are we gonna put little pradas on them feet?

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    Re: Congratulations Daddy Dan!


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    Re: Congratulations Daddy Dan!

    Woo Hoo!!!

    Another future TDH Member!

    CONGRATULATIONS to the whole family!

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    Re: Congratulations Daddy Dan!


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    Re: Congratulations Daddy Dan!

    Thanks, guys. No tellin if this one will be into the costume thing or not...

    My other two girls like the store bought stuff right now.

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    Re: Congratulations Daddy Dan!

    Adorable! Congratulations!!

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