WIP: Jango Tutorial?

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    WIP: Jango Tutorial?

    My in-laws were kind enough to buy me an Asok bucket for Christmas. This is the first piece I've received/purchased that didn't come ready to wear.

    I did a quick search but couldn't find a tutorial on trimming, finishing, painting armor pieces. Does one exist and if so could you point me in their general direction?

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    Re: WIP: Jango Tutorial?

    buy a dremel its a tool of a thousand uses, then buy the cutting wheel for it( there is hundreds of other useful attachments) and that will do most of the trimming, I have an asok boba fett and they require just the excess flak to be trimmed. I'm not sure on the painting methods used for Jango because he doesn't have a thousand layers of paint like Boba ha, good luck!!

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    Re: WIP: Jango Tutorial?

    search Saint_nasties threads he has done some that were tutorial like...........If you search my WIP threads you will find some info and some links that I threw in.

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